10 Weight Loss Truths From a Girl Who Used to Weigh 300 Pounds

Via youngandraw– Naomi Teeter

It’s been almost six years since I first lost half of my body size.

A tremendous amount of reflection and self-growth has happened since then. The biggest lesson I learned is that a person doesn’t just lose 125 pounds and keep it off long term without doing the real work. The “real work” consists of the soul-searching truths that come with sustained weight loss.

Here’s what I now hold as my 10 truths:

  1. Being “big boned” doesn’t actually run in my family.

If you come from a heavy-set family like I do, you’ve probably heard this before too. This limiting belief kept me living in misery for 26 years. I weighed 140 pounds in the 4th grade and I felt destined to always be the fat girl. Being “big boned” was an accepted excuse for giving up on my health and settling.



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  1. I didn’t need a formal education to succeed at getting and staying healthy.

I was a high-school drop-out on the day that I started my weight loss journey. It wasn’t until after I lost over 125 pounds that I finally felt confident in going back to school for the first time in 11 years. The advantage of having a college degree is just an added bonus; it’s not a prerequisite to good health. You don’t have to be smart or perfect to start. Read full article…



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