12 Weight loss tips for busy people

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Running around practically all the time, trying to juggle work responsibilities, a family and several other things? You’re not alone

As millions of people deal with the stress of daily life, they have little choice but to put their fitness on the backburner. And losing all those extra pounds simply becomes a distant dream. Don’t lose hope though. Here are a few ways that you can help you lose weight the right way.

1) Take 20 to 30 minutes out every weekend and plan your meals for the week. Keep a copy of the schedule stuck on your refrigerator so that everyone in the house knows what to expect. Shop for all ingredients and stock up your fridge with essentials so that you don’t run out of anything and have to resort to eating out or, worse, eat junk food. Planning ahead will ensure that you don’t waste time and also eat healthy.

2) If you’re trying to lose weight but can’t stop eating until you’re about to burst, use this technique — have a salad or soup half an hour before your meal. This will ensure that you eat lesser at dinner time.

3) Remove all junk food from the house. When you aren’t surrounded by all those unhealthy food items, you’re less likely to binge. Real full article…

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