13 scientifically PROVEN ways to be happy

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Being stressed is now a big, unwanted, part of our life. There’s no escape from the miserable feeling of stress, which not only hampers productivity at work but affects the quality of our personal space too. So much so, it can also lead to health risks such as depression. 

But fret not, while it is omnipresent, science has provided us ways to help keep stress at bay. Most of these ways are easy to follow, so keep calm and read on…

1) Take a 10 min walk
A quiet, relaxing stroll can do wonders to your body and mind, preferably in a park or an open green space, which can put your body into a state of harmony.








2) Listen to music
This is no brainer, the way music affects your mind is incomparable. Put on any music you LOVE and you will see how it takes your mind off the stress. It fills your brain with feel-good neurochemicals (like dopamine). From slowing your heart rate to lowering blood pressure and even triggering biochemical stress reducers, music is one soothing way to cut stress. And as they say – music is a drug, so why not!. Read full article…

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