20 apps and games to download for the new year

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Ten of the best new smartphone apps to kickstart your year – and 10 of the best mobile games to help you start wasting it



Android – FREE

Looking for an alternative to Google Maps on your Android device? Nokia has made its maps and satnav app available in beta form for free. It’s impressive, whether navigating on foot or by car, particularly offline when reception is low or non-existent.


iOS/Android – FREE

Recently ported from iOS to Android, this is an excellent way to catch up on new music if you don’t have time to read dozens of blogs. Its magazine-style issues are released every three months with reviews, features, interviews and streamed music.


Android – FREE

Humin is an interesting attempt to reinvent the humble contacts app, sorting the people you talk to and text in a smarter order than alphabetical. It lets you search by contexts, including where they live and when you last met them.


iOS/Android – FREE

Backed by one of Skype’s founders, Wire is aiming to top that app as a better way to communicate through voice calls and instant messaging. Its swish design impresses, as does its call quality, but for now it’s missing one big feature: video calls.


iOS £1.99/Android £2.19

This app’s developer was behind the undead-themed fitness app Zombies, Run! This hass a different slant: you battle virtual alien invaders with real-life punches and crunches. Read full article…

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