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Best Shampoo For Hair Fall -Top Rated

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Shampoos, as we know them today appeared for the first time, around 1930, with the name of “Drain” and was the first shampoo to replace SOAP by synthetic surfactants. The shampoo are designed to remove dirt, oils, particles of skin, dandruff and other debris that accumulate in the hair without stripping natural oils from the scalp.

The first manufacturer of shampoo was Kasey Herbert in 1927 and the German Hans Schwarzkopf’s of Berlin, invented liquid shampoo.

Due to the common problem of hair loss, especially among males, have been formulated many shampoos claiming to be … Read the rest

How a bigger salary could cause hair loss

Via Sarah Knapton

People who earn £75,000 a year or more are more likely to believe the stress of their jobs is causing their hair to fall out

 Climbing the ladder at work might be good for your bank balance but it could be bad your hair.

High-fliers who earn £75,000 or more are far more likely to believe that their hair is falling out because of the stress of their jobs than those earning just £15,000.






A survey of 2,000 adults found that nearly three quarters of Read the rest

Honeybee hive sealant promotes hair growth in mice



Source:  American Chemical Society


Hair loss can be devastating for the millions of men and women who experience it. Now scientists are reporting that a substance from honeybee hives might contain clues for developing a potential new therapy. They found that the material, called propolis, encouraged hair growth in mice.

Hair loss can be devastating for the millions of men and women who experience it. Now scientists are reporting that a substance from honeybee hives might contain clues for developing a potential new therapy. They found that the material, called propolis, encouraged hair growth in mice. The … Read the rest

Want quality sleep? Here’s how

Limit screen time and caffeine for your kids at bedtime if you want them to get quality sleep and perform better in life, says a study.

“Good quality and sufficient sleep are vital for children. Just like a healthy diet and exercise, sleep is critical for children to stay healthy, grow, learn, do well in school, and function at their best,” said Orfeu Buxton, associate professor at Pennsylvania State University.



Reducing the encroachment of technology and media into sleep time and supporting well-known sleep hygiene principles should be a focus of public … Read the rest

What You Need To Do To Stop Hair Loss


Hair loss affects thousands upon thousands of people every year. It is something that we all go through, whether due to aging or some other factor. While it can be unattractive, it is not the end of the world. This article will offer you some advice for coping with your hair loss.

To help stave off hair loss be cautious with the types of chemicals and treatments you put on it. Many dyes have chemicals in them that are not good for your hair. Trust your hair to a licensed beautician, and you may be able to prevent Read the rest

Hair Thinning Men Treatments

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Not only women worry about their hair, men also, and in the majority of cases suffer extremely, especially if they are relatively young and hair loss is severe. Statistics show that at age 50 approximately 85%  will suffer from hair thinning men
Problems related to hair thin or worse still hair loss, affects most men professional and social relations. All conditions hair baldness or alopecia androgenetic represents more than 95% and it can be devastating for males with professions with broad exposure to the public and they will do anything to restore your hair. If … Read the rest

The Secret of the Health is in the Peel

Via bestherbalhealth

Because food is treated with pesticides nowadays, it is advisable to remove the bark when consuming fruits or vegetables and continue to process and prepare the meal.

However, few of us know that the skin of fruits and vegetables contains much more vitamins than the pulp itself.

If we don’t use the peel a rich source of nutrients will be lost.

Furthermore, vegetables and fruits have a synergy when the skin is on. That means if the bark is removed, as well as the core and stem, the entire intensity of the action of the fruit will be Read the rest

Amazing Weight Loss Drink – You Will Lose a Pound Every Hour!


This weight loss drink is called “Sassy” in honor of the nutritionist Cynthia Sass, healthy food enthusiast that actually “cooked up” this drink, she says that this miraculous weight loss drink has amazing effect on the digestive system and significantly relieves from bloating.



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Evgeni Dinevfreedigitalphotos

In three million years the atmosphere has accumulated the most high concentration of carbon dioxide, more than 400 parts per million, indicating that the Earth moves towards its total destruction, if right now we not implement drastic and radical measures to prevent the final collapse: disappearance of humanity

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Top 10 Home Remedies For Baldness and Hair Loss


Baldness – This is one of the problems that a lot of people are facing right now. There are some people who do not care that they are already starting to bald because they have embraced their age but for people who are still young and are already balding, baldness can be a big problem. Contrary to popular belief that only men get afflicted with this condition, there are also some women who report to have thinning hair over time.

While it can be exciting to try out the various natural home remedies for baldness, it will be Read the rest