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Ayurvedic Guidelines To Prevent Hair Loss And Gray Hair


In Ayurveda, hair fall is referred to as ‘khalitya’ and premature graying of hair is termed as ‘Palitya’. Bothkhalitya and Palitya are considered as pure paitik (arising out of ‘pitta’) disorders. It means, when you continuously disturb ‘pitta’ (heat in your body), it can gray your hair. So, according to Ayurveda, if you consume pitta enhancing substances, your pitta aggravates and cause gray hair.

From ayurvedic point of view, good hair growth is linked to one’s physical and mental health. When one is cheerful, the hair looks lively, alternatively when one is feeling depressed Read the rest

How One Woman Lost Nearly 100 Lbs by Making Weight Loss Fun


Before: 232 lbs

After: 137 lbs

Kacey Lauchnor, 25, grew up in a family with suspect health habits. “If we ever ate a vegetable, it was covered in cheese,” says the graphic designer from Herriman, Utah. Her eating habits continued throughout college and after her wedding, and by 2012, 5’6″ Kacey clocked in at 232 pounds. “I knew I was getting fat,” she says. “But I still thought, I’m not that fat.”

After her husband—who had reached 314 pounds himself—was denied life insurance coverage because of his size, Kacey signed them up for a variety of workout Read the rest

New All Natural, Organic Hair Recovery Products by Moroccan Eco-Biologics, Restore Lost Hair with No Side Effects


Dr. Benlhabib has developed cutting-edge methods to formulate modern-day solutions to hair loss based on traditional medicinal plant therapy. Moroccan Eco-Biologics seek support for Indiegogo campaign to conduct clinical trials to gain FDA approval for their products.

I particularly remember when my father started to experience thinning of his hair and he used the treatment over a period of time, his hair loss was reversed, and actually grew back, and remained that way into his old age.

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) September 02, 2014

Moroccan Eco-Biologics’ new one-of-a-kind Vitality Hair Recovery products have been refined and specially formulated, … Read the rest

7 medicinal herbs and spices that help lower blood pressure


(NaturalNews) High blood pressure is an epidemic that is currently sweeping across America. The fast lifestyle of fast food, soda and stress is starting to catch up on the average American, so much so that an estimated one in every three Americans has high blood pressure. This puts them at risk of heart disease, stroke and even kidney disease. Moreover, this condition is costing the country 93.5 billion dollars in health care services.

Putting too much faith in the medical establishment to find a cure for your high blood pressure may no longer be advisable in the least. … Read the rest

The Best Apps For Digital Fitness

To lose weight and improve your figure you can now have your own instructor at home.

Would be this the new revolution in fitness?..

Everything at your disposal: cardio, strength, Pilates, yoga, meditation, exercise, post-natal and more


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Every day more companies offer this service for a small monthly payment. You can try Insanity, (yoga),, etc.

Today is posible The best streaming workouts with expert instructors.

Read the rest

Hair Loss Causes and treatments

Hair Loss Causes 

By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair loss causes ? Everyone, men and women, lose hair on a regular basis, between 50 and 100 hairs daily, but if you see emergence of depopulated areas or thinning hair, you may be suffering from some form of hair loss, the cause must be determined.

The so-called hereditary hair loss, is the most common hair loss cause and it is also known as: alopecia androgenetic, male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, but there are many other causes; stress can cause hair loss, some medical treatments and some diseases can cause … Read the rest

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7 Essential Homemade Beauty Treatments For Healthy Skin And Hair


Everyone wants enviably shiny hair and smooth and healthy looking skin but it can be difficult to commit to expensive salon treatments when there’s no guarantee they are worth it. All the more reason to try out your own solutions at home with completely affordable ingredients! Try out these amazing natural treatments for hair and skin which you make at home yourself with the simplest of ingredients.


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Tips to slow hair loss

Via Dr. Manny Alvarez

For men with receding hairlines, baldness can be a major concern. And although there is nothing you can do to prevent going bald, there are some things you can do now to slow your hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is related to genes, and nothing can be done to prevent this common condition..



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According to the American Academy of DermatologyRead the rest

Revealed, the top 10 nutrients YOU may be lacking – and how the deficiency could be making you ill



  • Poor diet may be to blame for symptomslike weak muscles and tiredness 
  • Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains which nutrients many of us lack
  • Common deficiencies include iron, omega-3, iodine and magnesium 


For those of us who live busy lives it’s easy to just grab a coffee on our way to work, a bagel in our lunch break and an unhealthy dinner on the way home. 
But how does lack of variation in your diet affect your health?
A poor diet can lead to a range of nutritional deficiencies – which present themselves in Read the rest