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Best Shampoo For Thinning Hair Men- What to Choose?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

If you see a thinning of your hair, especially if it appears suddenly, along with your doctor try to find the  cause of this problem. It could be the result of medications such as antidepressants, anticoagulants and contraceptives; or hormone, thyroid, problems, poor nutrition, genetic, stress, or male pattern baldness. Look for the Read the rest

Superfoods and nutrients you need to stay young


Slow down your ageing process and look young with these superfoods.

Anti-ageing can be achieved by these antioxidant rich foods which will help you detoxify your body giving you a long lasting healthy glow to your skin.

Try to include these anti-ageing nutrients in your daily diet to protect your skin and hair and look and feel young.

Coconut Oil

When consumed in the form of coconut oil or coconut water it has loads of anti-aging benefits to help you protect the skin from free radicals, making your skin look young and fresh. It is also a natural Read the rest

Eyebrow Implants Things You Should Know

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Unlike the baldness, the eyebrows provide a framework in the eyes and constitute the most central position of the face, if the hair of the eyebrows, is lost which is not a natural process or an acceptable situation cosmetically, significantly affects to the person. However, eyebrows are lost for various reasons, from genetics to accidents, infections, Burns, systemic diseases, etc. Eyebrows is universally considered as the determining physical characteristic for the symmetry of facial beauty and when eyebrows are lost go to eyebrow Implants.

In recent times, eyebrow implants have grown enormously by a … Read the rest

Fibromyalgia How I Cured Myself

Luis Quiroz Ravines , Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health REVEALS , the most simple, natural and effective treatment to cure FIBROMYALGIA  in three months or less

He was cured with this treatment and five years later,
live happy, free of pain, or confusion

He says, “My healing was simple, natural and almost free”

In the book, “Fibromyalgia How I Cured Myself”, the author tells how he recovered from fibromyalgia for about 99.00%, by just applying a natural treatment, simple and almost free, and how after five years, he has continued applying the same treatment with total success.

Luis was … Read the rest

Weight Loss Enemy Foods to Avoid: Forever on Your Hips Once Past the Lips

Via Drucilla Dyess,

A new study from Harvard researchers provides scientific evidence that you are what you eat. In the quest for weight loss, the quality of foods consumed is much more significant than calorie content. Munching chips and sipping soda in front of the TV helps to pack on the pounds, giving real meaning to the term “couch potato.” The full details of the study can be found in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Is about the END of the
planet EARTH

If WE do not ACT NOW..
HUMANITY Would disappear
in the Read the rest

Weight Loss Products Can Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss

By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Steroids and weight loss products can cause hair loss in both men and women, according to a study conducted by the world leader in hair transplant, Dr. Larry Shapiro.
Steroids are synthetic substances related to male sex hormones and are used widely to treat diseases due to abnormal production of testosterone, also used by patients with AIDS and other diseases to compensate  loss of muscle mass. Also used by athletes in gyms. These products are available legally only with a prescription. Abuse of steroids can cause irreversible health problems.

Due to the increase … Read the rest

Baldness Cure – Is There a Cure with Aromatherapy?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In search for an effective solution for hair loss man test, investigates and discovers new options, some of which are encouraging.

Such the case of aromatherapy which has proven successful in randomized studies, applied specifically to combat alopecia areata

SAVE the Planet.


baldness cure


The causes for hair loss are multiple even though the most common cause is called androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness greatly affects self-esteem and the psychology of the patient.

The lack of proper nutrition is another cause that seems irrelevant but that has enormous importance not … Read the rest

Want to lose weight? Buy SMALLER plates! Simple step really CAN help you shed pounds by ‘slashing 159 calories a day’, landmark study reveals

  • Cochrane review found smaller plates slash calorie intake by a tenth
  • Most conclusive evidence that people eat more if they have a big portion
  • Reducing size of plate or bowl reduces food intake by 159 calories a day
  • If food packaging is also made smaller could slash calorie intake by 16%


If you find yourself piling on the pounds, try buying a new set of crockery.
For the simple step of eating from a smaller plate could slash your calorie intake by nearly a tenth, according to Cambridge academics.

Their 387-page report into eating habits Read the rest

Simple steps to prevent premature ageing


Thanks to daily stressful lives, sun-damage, lack of proper nutrition and indulging excessively in processed and fast food, our skin, the largest organ in our body, is slowly giving up. 

Women in their late 20s and early 30s are already beginning to show signs of ageing. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent it…

– Eat the correct foods Cells in your body and skin regenerate daily — however, without healthy food that is not possible. Eat fresh and non-processed food to encourage your skin to renew itself. Similarly, you skin also needs water to Read the rest

Baldness cure comes at a price

Via  James LeFanu

The latest “medical breakthrough”, a cure for the incurable baldness of alopecia that affects many people, including the TV presenter Gail Porter, appears – unusually – to be the real thing. Dr Raphael Clynes of Columbia University reported last week that several months’ treatment with the immune suppressant ruxolitinib resulted in “complete hair regrowth” in three patients. Still, his prediction that this is likely to have a “dramatic positive effect” would seem improbable, given its annual price tag of £43,200.

The main reason that this new type of drug, from a group known as “biologics”, is … Read the rest