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Natural kitchen seeds to cure the hair problems


Many of the women today face the hair problems because of so many causes. So, as usually they go to get artificial products to cure their issues. But these products very harmful to your hair that leads to health problems. Initially these are helpful, but long run these are not good for your hair. Maximum you need to avoid artificial products otherwise these will impact on your hair growth and health. There are some kitchen seeds to cure the hair problems as well as get a lot of hair benefits.


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Obese women have a 40% higher risk of developing seven cancers

Via Jenny Hope

Obesity raises women’s risk of seven cancers by 40%: 18,000 women develop disease each year as a result of being overweight

Obese women have a 40% higher risk of developing seven cancers

  • These include bowel, post-menopausal breast, kidney and pancreatic
  • Researchers said 8.2% of cancers in UK women were caused by being fat
  • 18,000 women develop cancer as a result of being overweight each year

Obese women have a 40 per cent higher risk of developing at least seven types of cancer in their lifetime, according to research.

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5 Weight Loss Tips from Celeb Trainer Jen Widerstrom


Jennifer Widerstrom knows a thing or two about weight loss. On NBC’s The Biggest Loser, she has a perfect winning average after coaching two winners to the podium (including last season’s Roberto Hernandez). Widerstrom’s speciality? Helping her clients create a tailored plan that works for them. We asked the trainer, 33, for her best tips on slimming down—and staying that way. (A recent study on people who successfully competed on The Biggest Loser highlighted how tremendously difficult it is to keep the weight off.)

Honor your body

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Hair loss, New Type of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

The Archives of Dermatology journal, publishes a report about a new way to hair transplant : transplant of leg hair, millions of men on the planet can benefit from this new technique, especially those who suffer from male pattern, the number 1 reason for hair loss baldness and which generally leads to intense stress; This type of condition is called androgenic alopecia and has a genetic origin, characterized by forming a pattern around the ears, in a horseshoe shape.

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Female Hair Loss and Thinning of Hair Natural Remedies to Cure Female Pattern Baldness

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The improving bodily and psychological strain in contemporary ladies cause hormonal imbalance and fall in estrogen level, therefore causing hair reduction. The condition seems to spread like epidemic with passage of days and socio-economic condition growing tougher. There has been a noticeable buzz across the internet about the treatments of hair reduction in women. Millions of females are severely afflicted to the issue of hair fall, but not various girls understand about the treatments of woman hair reduction.

Here are some certainly powerful treatments that are caused towards the different causes of woman hair reduction problems:


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Four natural and cheap weight loss remedies

Via NaturalNews

Weight loss is one of the most talked about subjects today and many are searching for that perfect plan that will take care of all their weight problems. Some people will use expensive diets, extreme exercise, and even surgery. According to PRWeb, weight loss and health products are expected to be a $66 billion industry this year.

Natural remedies may be the weapon needed to help fight obesity. They can be used to provide people with healthy and inexpensive alternatives to achieve weight loss. Some drinks or fluids have been proven to work with the body to accelerate … Read the rest

Peruvian Journalist Invents A Super Wine

A wine from grapes capable of shooting the immune system, giving energy and vitality, eliminate small tumors, improve the sleep, relieve gastritis, flus and colds, beautify skin and hair, and probably retard aging, reduce risk of heart attacks and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, has been invented in Peru.

Even though will be necessary. studies more diligent and extensive to verify these and other properties, the inventor has proven personally and in your family many healing and beneficial health properties in general

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Breast cancer patients find strength in hair loss

Via usatoday

Kim Irish had just started a new job and was in California for a training session. She had her tests and was waiting for the results but had asked the doctor not to call her so she could concentrate on the training.

She was set to return to Indianapolis when she got the call from the doctor confirming she had Stage 2 breast cancer. “I was standing in the security line at San Francisco airport when she called me, and I can still see the people in line around me,” she said.

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Periodista Peruano Inventa Un Super Vino

Un vino de uvas capaz de disparar el sistema inmunologico, conferir energia y vitalidad, eliminar pequenos tumores, mejorar el sueno, aumentar la circulacion sanguinea, aliviar gastritis, gripes y resfrios, embellecer cutis y cabellos, y probablemente retardar vejez, reducir riesgo de infartos y prevenir Alzheimer, ha sido inventado en Peru.

Aun cuando seran necesarios. estudios mas acuciosos y extensos para verificar estas y otras propiedades, el inventor ha comprobado personalmente y en su familia numerosas propiedades curativas y beneficiosas para la salud en general.

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113 Year Old Man Reveals 5 Foods He Eats For Longevity


Bernando LaPallo is from Arizona. In 2014 he turned 113. Born in Brazil in 1901 he saw the world progressively change. This 113 year old man accepted his father’s lifestyle guidance and didn’t blindly obtain the new ways of living. Bernando’s family is known for centenarians. But, he believes that his longevity is more connected to his lifestyle habits and not so much to his genes. Mr. LaPallo was very interested in healthy nutrition he even went to study the culinary arts at the Sorbonne University in Paris. His father an herbalist and a doctor advised him about Read the rest