7 Essential Homemade Beauty Treatments For Healthy Skin And Hair



Everyone wants enviably shiny hair and smooth and healthy looking skin but it can be difficult to commit to expensive salon treatments when there’s no guarantee they are worth it. All the more reason to try out your own solutions at home with completely affordable ingredients! Try out these amazing natural treatments for hair and skin which you make at home yourself with the simplest of ingredients.


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Homemade hair repair recipe with honey and olive oil

This hair mask contains all of the best natural ingredients which you might find named on your favorite fancy hair products, but in their raw form! Surely it’s best to get the best of these ingredients in their natural state, which makes this hair mask a fantastic healthy fix.  Containing almond oil, egg, honey, and olive oil, which are all excellent for strengthening hair and adding a healthy shine, you’ll be rocking enviable tresses in no time after your homemade hair treatment! Find the recipe here.

Moisturizing orange oatmeal face mask

Combine the natural goodness of oatmeal and orange in this gorgeous moisturizing face mask. This also contains Greek yogurt and honey, both very popular ingredients in natural skin remedies due to their moisturizing nutrients. The oatmeal acts as an exfoliant as well as helping to remove oil and bacteria from the skin, while the Vitamin C in the dried orange peel and orange juice will help to restore collagen and provide a healthy glow. Click here for the tutorial.

Banana and honey face mask for oily skin

This mask makes for a pretty gooey mixture but it’s worth the little bit of mess for extra healthy looking skin! Bananas have many health benefits and contain nutrients that areessential for good skin. Adding lemon juice to this mask will help to tighten the skin and combined with honey will battle against oily skin as both ingredients help to firm and soften skin. The banana will act as a natural moisturizer and the nutrients they contain also act as a good anti-aging treatment. Get the full instructions for this mask here.

Homemade lavender hand lotion

Anyone can make this beautifully scented hand lotion from scratch with all natural ingredients. Lavender is known for its healing properties and for restoring that smooth feeling to rough skin. This cream keeps hands and cuticles soft and can be used on other dry areas such as elbows too. This lotion makes a great gift, especially for anyone who works with their hands, and you can personalize the jar any way you want! Find the recipe here.

Vitamin face mask with avocado

Avocado is without a doubt one of the best natural ingredients you can apply to your skin. The nutrient dense fruit contains Vitamins E, C, A and B which are all vital for maintaininghealthy looking skin. This mask mixes the avocado with cucumber, which is excellent for cooling and moisturizing the skin, as well as egg white, which works to tighten the skin and acts as a natural cleanser. Apply to the face and neck and take a break for 30 minutes while the mixture works its magic! Get the full tutorial here.

 Avocado hair conditioner

Another healthy mask containing avocado, and this time for the hair. All those vitamins and antioxidants which are good for your skin can also do wonders for getting your locks looking healthy and shiny. The naturally moisturizing fruit is great for damaged hair as well as acting as a natural sunscreen. This homemade hair mask adds avocado to olive oil and honey to make an all-natural conditioner for giving your hair an amazing healthy boost. Click here for the full recipe.

Chemical free lip balm

Your lips need as much care as your skin and hair, particularly in the winter months! Cure chapped lips with this all natural homemade lip balm made with beeswax and olive oil for perfectly smooth lips. These ingredients are really easy to get hold of too so there’s nothing stopping you making your own! Store in a cute little jar for easily carrying in your handbag. This would also be a thoughtful little gift for someone who loves natural beauty products.

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stop hair loss

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