A Woman with BALDNESS Discover its Genetic Causes

Alopecia Areata

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Alopecia areata in women? -When Dr. Angela Christiano, a dermatologist and geneticist at Columbia University Medical Center, found that she suffered from alopecia areata, really panicked. She was only 34 years old, and already facing an aesthetic problem, which most often affects men and women all desperately trying to avoid

During her academic training, she never spoke of female baldness and when she began researching found to be a growing problem without a definitive solution.

alopecia areata


Alopecia has mainly psychological effects, especially in women, because it undermines the image of the person. Alopecia Areta is a condition in which the hair falls from the scalp, but also from other parts and sometimes in all areas of the body. in some cases, 1-2%, can spread to the entire scalp or entire epidermis.

Alopecia areata Classification

There are several kinds of alopecia areata such as:

Alopecia areata monolocularis
Diffuse alopecia areata
Alopecia areata beard
Alopecia areata multilocularis
Alopecia universalis. (Very rare)
Alopecia totalis.

Alopecia areata symptoms and signs

Appearance of small bald patches are the first symptoms usually are round, but may take other forms.
Tingling may occur in the area without hair
Tthe hair falls more on one side of the scalp
Are exclamation point hairs

Alopecia areata Diagnosis

The doctor diagnoses considering clinical characteristics
For differential diagnosis can be useful Trichoscopy.
In case of alopecia areata is rarely necessary biopsy,
Also the doctor can see the change from anagen to telogeneo

Alopecia areata causes

Alopecia areata seems to have a strong genetic component and is considered an autoimmune disorder that stops hair growth because the body attacks its own hair follicles. This type of alopecia is not contagious and mainly affects people with a family history of alopecia areata

Alopecia areata treatment

Sometimes the disease resolves spontaneously and the hair grows back
in other cases apply corticosteroid injections or creams, but their effectiveness is uncertain.
Minoxidil, Elocon ointment and topical cyclosporine are also used to treat alopecia areata
Diphenylcyclopropenone has shown the efficiency of up to 40% within six months of treatment
Option faster but artificial is the use of wigs of different types and technologies, some with ingenious mechanisms of suction


As a geneticist, Dr. Christiano thought, if I can identify genes involved in hair loss and baldness, maybe I could find the way to their treatment and solution.

Apparently the problem of hair loss Dr. Christiano had a genetic root, her mother and grandmother had lost hair from an early age, and also a cousin fate would your family was involved directly with the hair. Her grandfather was a barber in Italy and then in the United States and her mother was a hairdresser in New Jersey.

And after many studies and research Dr. Christiano and her team identified six genes that controlled the normal cycle of hair growth.

They studied the DNA  of 1,000 patients with baldness versus a control group of 1,000 people with no problems other baldness or hair loss. These findings were first published in 2008 and was the first study focused baldness from the point of view of the human genome.

The other great discovery was the realization that baldness, as generally thought, was not the result of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism, because these diseases and similar genes have no common baldness.

This new information could have enormous impact on the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and baldness in men and women around the world that far exceed the 500 million people affected.

With this genetic basis has the potential to strengthen the clinical trials to find truly effective drugs to combat baldness.

New treatments for hair loss with different approaches may be more effective at stopping hair loss or baldness eliminate so far has no definitive cure, mainly because of the diversity of genes that are involved in the disease.

Dr. Christiano thinks that if she had not had the disease, had never searched for a genetic disease that is considered more of a cosmetic problem

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