African American Men With Early Baldness Would Be At Risk Of Prostate Cancer


By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

According to a publication of the journal Cancer Epidemiology, black American men, especially young people with early baldness, may be at increased risk of developing prostate cancer .

Baldness What Is?

Baldness is a condition more common among men than among women and refers to the lack of hair on the scalp or elsewhere in the body, affecting millions of people, particularly after 35 years, especially as with age, at age 80 affects 70% of men and 80 % of women at age 60 .

Only in the United States affects 36 million men and more than 21 million women . It is estimated that worldwide more than 800 million men and women are seeking treatment for their hair loss problem .

To treat hair loss approximately 85 % of males using minoxidil and 15% of women finasteride

Baldness Causes

The causes are various, ranging from hormonal changes in women, various diseases, genetic and family history, various injuries, hair infections, excess of vitamin A, lost very fast weight, protein and iron deficiency, and of course the age

Baldness Types

Depending of the cause, there are different types of baldness, but the main types are:

Male -pattern baldness, a condition usually inherited and can affect males partially or completely especially after 35 .

Female -pattern baldness affects women and usually thinner hair but sometimes falls rarely completely.

Alopecia areata affects a special area of ​​the scalp and hair loss is often unexpected but the hair usually grows back after several months.

Toxic alopecia may occur as a result of a severe illness or high fever episode. Is a temporary condition that can also be caused by high doses of vitamin A and retinoids

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African-American Men with Baldness and Prostate Cancer Risk

African American men are almost twice as likely to develop prostate cancer said Professor Ziegler-Johnson, who along with his colleagues have carried out a study that evaluates hair loss as a potential risk factor for developing prostate cancer.

The study group of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia selected 318 males afro Americans with prostate cancer and having varying degrees of baldness.

By means of questionnaires and various tests clinicians found that 69% of African American men with baldness had increased risk of prostate cancer, particularly those who had frontal baldness

This relationship was most evident in men under 60 years old, diagnosed with prostate cancer, especially advanced cancer.

It also emerged that young men with prostate cancer and baldness could have higher levels of prostate specific antigen at the time of diagnosis.

Professor Ziegler claimed that early baldness in African American men may be a risk factor for the development of prostate cancer, especially if they are young , but said further studies are needed to confirm these results .

The information appeared in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, the American Association for Cancer Research

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