Age proof your body: Buying comfy shoes. Cleaning out your ears. A top doctor reveals the surprising little life changes that’ll keep you fit for decades longer

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  • Sir Muir Gray’s guide to a healthy body in old age continues
  • Reveals how to keep every part of your body in good shape


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if age was just a number? Well now it can be if you follow the brilliantly simple advice in this life-changing series by one of Britain’s top doctors.

In our first part, on Saturday, he told how fitness and a positive outlook are vital. 

Today, he reveals his tips to help you keep every part of your body in good shape — whatever your age.5

Follow the brilliantly simple advice in this life-changing series and ensure age is just a number

Not long ago, many health problems experienced by older people were simply put down to their advancing years. 

Fortunately, attitudes are changing. Fewer doctors are likely to tell you: ‘What else can you expect at your time of life?’

It’s now generally accepted that old age is not a diagnosis or a disease. 

Indeed, most problems in later life are not caused by the ageing process itself. 

However, we should all be aware of the changes in our bodies as we grow older — and take action to avoid damage to our health. Here, then, is my top-to-toe guide to body maintenance to help you hold the years at bay.


For most of us as we age, the gut remains all too efficient at digesting food and absorbing the sugar molecules that make us fat and increase the risk of disease. Many of us, however, suffer from two particular problems in older age — constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It is now widely accepted that these conditions are not the consequences of ageing. Read full article…

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