Baldness Increases Risk of Heart Disease

By  PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In their quest to find baldness cure or define its causes, a team of researchers led by Dr. Tomohide Yamada made an important discovery linking male pattern baldness with an increased risk of coronary problems. BMJ-British Medical Journal published the news the same that was reproduced by ScienceDaily.

The research is a comparative summary of about 800 studies regarding the topic with 6 defined criteria and involving more than 40,000 men over 11 years.

After an exhaustive analysis they determined that 32% of bald men or with advanced baldness, they were more likely to suffer coronary accidents than those males with full hair.

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Despite medical advances and the emergence of new drugs, still is not baldness cure and the option more real, effective but costly is hair transplant surgery.

But researchers like Drs  Tomohide Yamada, Kazuo Hara, Hitomi Umematsu, Takashi Kadowaki point toward that end and reveal important findings with special reference to male pattern baldness.

For example found that bald young people had a higher risk – up to 84% of coronary heart disease compared to young people of the same age but with all their hair and balding older men, the risk of heart disease reached 70%.

The analysis of three studies in particular directly relate the severity of baldness with coronary heart disease risk but this risk was greater if baldness was located at the top or crown of the head, in this case the risk increased to 48% for cases of extensive baldness and only 18% for mild balding head crown.

The researchers do not explain clearly the causes of these coronary risk, but say could be related to hyper sensitivity to testosterone, chronic inflammation, systemic atherosclerosis or  insulin resistance.

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