Beautiful Hair, TIPS from a Dermatologist

Beautiful Hair

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Beautiful hair ? Which person, man or woman does not want to look healthy and beautiful hair and for achieving it resorted to different options presented to us by the market: women especially subjected to your hair dyes, creams, colorants, hot appliances and various chemical products with the eagerness of achieve a better appearance.

However these products, over time may end up damaging your beautiful hair.

Women don't understand that  hair once damaged cannot auto heal and restore itself, except when grow new hair, said Dr. Zoe D. Draelos, Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, speaking at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

One of the most common causes, said Dr. Draelos is chemical damage that causes the  hair loses its natural moisturizers and becomes parched, brittle, dull and lifeless, so it is a requirement for women with damaged hair a regular moisturizing for beautiful hair.

beautiful hair

For Beautiful Hair and counteract Chemical Damage

Use products, shampoos, conditioners etc., containing dimethicone that increase brightness, smoothness and reduce static electricity

For beautiful hair try new serum for the hair, apply a few drops on your hands and then along the hair, do not apply to the scalp

Frizzy hair use shampoos and conditioners often to improve its appearance..

Let dyes and opt for natural color of your hair

If you have to color your hair use variants of the natural color of your hair

Another common source of heat damage is originating the "bubble" that removes the cuticle so that hair smells burned and breaks easily

These Tips are useful for Beautiful Hair and Hair Damaged by Heat

Do not immediately use the increased intensity of heat in the air dryer, start at the low level and then gradually increase the power

When possible let hair dry outdoor

If you are using a ceramic iron to straighten hair, place a damp towel in the iron to avoid direct heat from hair

Use appliances with temperature controlled to adjust the amount of direct heat to the hair

Hydration will help your hair, but avoid the source of damage due to heat is vital.

For a healthy and beautiful hair Dr. Draelos offers the following tips

First tip, when less handling your hair better.

Wash your hair more frequently if it is fatty and less if it is dry

For best results, use the conditioner on the tip of the hair, not scalp

Select a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type

Choose a hair cutting close to the natural structure of the color of your hair and your hair.

Protect your hair from UV rays with a hat

See a dermatologist if you have doubts about your hair or lose hair apparent injustice.

For beautiful hair a mixture of ripe avocado and egg, applied, wet once a week, on the scalp for 20 minutes works wonders for dry and damaged hair. Minerals and fatty acids of these two elements, restore health and shine of your hair.

Beautiful hair and Healthy Diet

To look beautiful and healthy hair, is essential to a balanced and healthy diet with abundant vitamins, minerals and proteins; hair is a protein and need foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken, egg, soy, and essential fatty acids, such as walnuts, flaxseed oil, almonds.

Vitamins are also important, for beautiful hair, especially B6 and B12 vitamins that we find them in whole foods and fruits and vegetables.

Water is another fundamental element for a strong, healthy, hydrated and beautiful hair. The absolute minimum are 6 glasses of water a day, but 8 glasses of water a day is the ideal amount.

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