Breath test ‘could give clues to stomach cancer risk’

Via Smitha Mundasad

 simple breath test could help predict whether people with gut problems are at high risk of developing stomach cancer, an early study shows.

It detects chemical compounds in people’s breath, in an attempt to distinguish unique “breath prints” in those with risky pre-cancerous changes.

Experts say if proven in large trials, it could spot patients on the brink of cancer so they can be treated earlier.

But more work is needed to validate the test, which appears in the journal Gut.









‘Sniffing signals’

Stomach cancers affect about 7,300 people each year in the UK.

But in most Western countries it is diagnosed late when the chance of survival is poor. This is partly because symptoms – such as indigestion and pain – can be mistaken for other diseases.

Scientists believe earlier detection may help improve the prognosis. Read full article…


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