Buyer beware: Hair loss solutions must start with trust

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Imagine a clothing store that carries only one item, with three or four color choices. Or imagine your doctor asking, “Would you like the blue or purple pill prescription? They’re exactly the same—just choose your shade.”

“Regardless of a problem or its causes,” remarked Amnon Zakay, founder, consultant and personal hair replacement expert at RAZ International, Inc., “we have an ethical responsibility to offer options, encourage people to try different methods, compare them and discover available solutions. This is especially the case with the complex issues regarding women’s hair loss.”

The American Hair Loss Association reports that more than 20 million women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Just as large as that statistic are the causes, treatment methods, and experimental technologies addressing the condition. Just as essential as having options is having a trustworthy consultant to help you navigate those options.

Recently the organization sent an online Buyer Beware alert, warning that “the non-surgical hair replacement industry is littered with some of the most unethical individuals and companies that the field of hair replacement has to offer,” and, according to its website, advises that finding consultants “that provide excellent service and really have compassion for their clients” is a matter of knowing “what most companies will not tell you” and avoiding “companies attempting to sell you a maintenance contract.”

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“Each case is individual,” advised Zakay. “After 30 years of helping women with hair loss, I’ve seen that most prefer the Integrated Thread Hair Line Method (ITHL), but would never push this method on a client. Getting your lost hair back is a relationship in healing — letting the client decide what feels and looks better. If I can provide a number of methods instead of one fixed thing, they have the option to try different solutions and the confidence that they can have a beautiful, natural look again.”

In a recent interview regarding women’s hair loss solutions, Zakay was asked the question, “Why RAZ?” His response was another question — one that reflects the importance of trust. “This is very hard to answer because I don’t sell hair,” said Zakay. “Why RAZ is not the question — the real question is why not choose the best because you believe you deserve it?”

Zakay quickly followed with an explanation: “I’m not saying ITHL is the best — or only RAZ carries the best. If someone isn’t comfortable with our options, I’d rather she work with a stylist that she feels comfortable with. Even to advertise makes me uncomfortable if it sounds like a sales pitch because I have suffered this condition myself, and know from personal experience that hair loss is personal, emotional. If your confidence is lost, if you have forgotten that you are beautiful, as a stylist the goal is not to take advantage, but to remind you that you are beautiful. I’ve personally tried a number of methods and personally preferred different methods at different times to fit my lifestyle.”

There is no reason to navigate alone what even the American Hair Loss Association calls “a treacherous industry” when there are trustworthy consultants. Remember that it is a relationship not a hair sale, and if your needs change, the options should too.

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