Can Botox Help to Stop Hair Loss?

Stop Hair Loss

By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Botox, trading name of Botulinum toxin protein is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is used for various medical needs and lately for cosmetic purposes and to stop hair loss. The toxin can be absorbed by mucous membranes, eyes, respiratory tract and skin.

Dr. Richard Clark, surgeon of California published for the first time, in 1989, the cosmetic effects of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum on wrinkles in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Newly on 12 April 2002 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved in the United States the use of toxin botulica to temporarily reduce wrinkles moderate to severe originated between the eyebrows.

From there the use of the toxin, named Botox is widespread for cosmetic purposes and to improve facial appearance to be less harmful than other types of plastic surgery. However, are not obtained the same results in all people and in all those case, but usually its effect lasts about seven months more.

Due to its effect less intrusive and harmful to plastic surgery, several celebrities have used it and this has allowed the wide dissemination of the botox or botulinum toxin. The cosmetic effects of botox are not uniform in all people, it usually can last for up to 8 months

But unlike its ability to stop hair loss, still awaiting full confirmation, toxin if it is used with success, – apart from combating wrinkles, for other medical purposes, how to treat disorders of muscle pain, asthma, impotence, etc.

Another application is the treatment of the syndrome of upper motor neuron, which affects the muscular capacity and control of movement. For example it was very useful for an Australian patient could recover his ability of movement after twenty years of immobility in a wheelchair.

Also currently with toxin botulinum fights excess sweating, especially underarm sweating, technically called hyperhidrosis.

A different application to stop hair loss, is to relieve chronic migraines. In October 2010, the FDA approved its use for treatment of chronic migraines, for this effect apply injections in the neck and the head of the patient which allows to improve the quality of life of the person

More recently, the cosmetics firm Epione Beverly Hills, whose Director is Dr. Simon Ourian, cosmetic surgeon, is offering a hair loss treatment with Botox that claims to be effective and stop hair loss of men and women.

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Stop Hair Loss with Botox, a new hope?

Dr. Ourian says that accidentally discovered the effects of Botox to combat baldness or stop hair loss, Botox when through injections applied to the scalp of his mother who suffered from migraine and was receiving chemotherapy that caused hair loss. Great was his surprise when observed that it began to grow hair around the site of injection.

For stop hair loss or alopecia, for three years he made different experiments and treatments with volunteer men suffering from baldness or hair loss. Today the Dr Ourian offers in Beverly Hills clinic a hair loss treatment  that involves injecting the Botox injections and vitamins to scalp that will surely cost a lot of dollars.

Stop hair loss with botox needs additional studies

Although he says the results of his treatment to stop hairloss with Botox and vitamins, are surprising, it must take their claims with caution. In any case needed further studies that actually confirm that Botox, i.e. the Botulinum toxin used to fight wrinkles, is also effective for stop hair loss or better yet to restore it

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