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Finasteride and Suicidal Depression Symptoms


By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Finasteride is marketed by the Merk company with the names Proscar and Propecia. It is an inhibitor and make testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.  Finasteride has been approved to try male pattern baldness and to combat benign prostatic hyperplasia. As a hair loss treatment  is used 1 milligram daily, and in many cases it does regrowth hair.

In a study supervised by dermatologists, 48% of people treated with finasteride experienced hair regrowth

Finasteride – Adverse effects

The main adverse effects are 1 to 18.5% of impotence, testicular pain and a 2.5% of abnormal sexual function. … Read the rest

Hair Loss Treatment With Finasteride


By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

The pharmaceutical industry continuously investigates in the hopes of discovering medicines to solve the problem of androgenetic alopecia, more known with the acronym of AGA. New remedies for hair loss are launched to the market each year, but at the moment, only two have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of genetic hair loss.

Finasteride has been approved only for use by males and minoxidil  to be used by men and women.

For treatment of prostate hypertrophy and as a hair loss treatment, the company Merck sells finasteride under the brand Proscar … Read the rest