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New Drug Helps Some Bald Patients Regrow Hair

Via New York Times

he first thing Brian H. noticed was that he could grow a real beard. It had been years since that had been possible, years he spent bedeviled by hair loss on his head, face, arms and legs.

Brian, 34, who asked that his last name be withheld to protect his privacy, suffers from alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease afflicting about 1 percent of men and women, causing hair to fall out, often all over the body. He believes that the “mangy patches” of baldness that have plagued him since his 20s have cost him … Read the rest

What’s the best way to fight memory loss?


We’d all like to about keep our brains as sharp as possible as we age. But what are the best ways to do this, asks Michael Mosley.

Ask anyone over the age of 40 what worries them most about growing older and the answer that comes back is almost always the fear of losing your memory. I worry about the fact that I find it harder than ever to remember names and that without my phone to remind me, I would forget many of my daily appointments.

There are some fairly obvious things to avoid if you want Read the rest

Healthiest breakfasts revealed: Eating fruit, dairy and cereal is the best way to start your day and keep weight off

  • people eat
  • Polled 147 people with an average BMI of 21.7 and most did not diet
  • Only 4% skipped breakfast, while 35% had salad for lunch every day
  • In terms of snacks, fruit (39%) and nuts (20%) came out on top 

People who are effortlessly slim eat fruit, dairy cereal and granola for breakfast, a study has found.

For lunch, more than a third eat salad every day, and for the majority, chicken is their favourite meat and they always include vegetables in their dinner.

In fact, almost a tenth were vegetarian and nearly a fifth said they don’t drink … Read the rest

Steroids and weight loss products can accelerate hair loss, says hair loss expert


In a study due to be released next month, the world’s leading hair transplant and hair loss expert Dr. Larry Shapiro will show that men and women have been losing their hair from using popular weight loss and work out products that contain whey protein isolate- and it’s not just their genes that are to blame.

Shapiro, who has spent 20 years treating over 11,000 men and women for hair thinning and loss, said, “My clinical practice shows a definite trend among people suffering from hair loss—they’re increasingly battling the effects of thyroid problems, anesthesia, cosmetic surgery, dietary … Read the rest

Trek in Remote Pakistan Leads to Hair-Loss Gene


t must have been one of the more unusual requests for scientific collaboration to reach Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan: a list of Dr. Angela Christiano’s research credentials, along with a snapshot of three bald spots on her head.

”I said I’d just been diagnosed a week ago with clumps of hair falling out,” said Dr. Christiano, a geneticist and assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. A computer search of the medical literature on baldness had led her to the Pakistani researchers, who had discovered people in a remote village … Read the rest

Include pumpkin in your diet to lose weight

Via timesofindia.indiatimes

o the only day you can think of a pumpkin is Halloween, is it? Well, this vegetable has more uses than just scaring people away. If you are on a diet, pumpkin is one of the most beneficial vegetables that you can gorge on. 

To utilize pumpkin as a weight loss food, you will need to substitute it for a food in your diet that is higher in calories. Take for instance, if you are having a high-protein salad for dinner as a part of your weight loss regime, you can replace it with a healthy pumpkin soup. … Read the rest

3 mixtures of cinnamon to lengthen hair


Did you know that cinnamon contribute to lengthening hair? Find out what are the most prominent mixtures of cinnamon to lengthen hair that will help lengthen your hair, healthy and strong in just three weeks:








Cinnamon mixture with olive oil and honey

Mix half a cup of olive oil with a tablespoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes and then washed all hair well. Repeat this process three times a week and Read the rest

Hair Implants Are Solution For Your Problem?


By PC.Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair Implants

Mainly men as it progresses the age, face the problem of hair loss. In the cycle of growth and rest of the hair, it is normal to lose every day about 100 to 150 hairs but when that average increases rapidly, the males are facing a picture of alopecia and perhaps even baldness.

If your problem is hair loss, you try everything offered by the market , from anti hair loss shampoos, finasteride , minoxidil , to natural products and better nutrition.

But if all else fails , your alopecia is pronounced, is … Read the rest

Can This Ancient Beauty Secret Give You Amazing Skin?


When People Magazine’s Most Beautiful cover girl dishes on her coveted skincare secrets, the world is bound to listen — but will they make you look just as flawless?

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who’s also famous for her colorful ensembles and silky smooth skin, revealed to Glamour Magazine that she loves to slather Hawaiian kukui oil on her face.

“I like to keep things natural, simple, and straightforward,” says the 31-year-old Mexico-born, Kenya-raised star.

While the product may sound like a new beauty invention, it’s actually been used for centuries. According to a 1993 report from the University … Read the rest

12 natural ways to achieve amazing hair


(NaturalNews) Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. Health problems and genetics can play a role in hair loss, but there are some natural things that can be done to help grow hair.

The following is a list of twelve natural things that can be done to grow hair.

  • Eat Less Meat

Japanese researchers have linked high sebum production to hair loss. They found that animal fat can increase the amount of sebum production, so eating less meat is a good idea.

  • Add The Saw Palmetto Herb

Saw Palmetto has been used to treat hair loss Read the rest