Chinese Traditional Remedies for Hair Loss

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Ancient traditional Chinese medicine, remains to the present and is widely applied in China's health facilities. Acupressure, acupuncture and herbology, in XXI century have full force and increasingly are legitimate scientific basis for each method.

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Different diseases are successfully treated with these methods and it is not surprising, for hair loss, also have ancestral options.

To prevent, control and treat hair, especially of male pattern hair loss, the Chinese used different herbs, some of which I describe below


Chinese traditional texts cite often to this plant to combat hair loss for its properties to inhibit 5-alpha reductase and the production of cortisol in mild or moderate form. To this plant, the Chinese valued almost as much as the blue Centella, as a treatment for hair loss and as a powerful natural remedy for preventing hair loss. However, the most appropriate is to use ginseng extract standardized who has demonstrated in numerous studies have a positive effect in the treatment of stress and body resistance.


There is no evidence of the effectiveness of this remedy in the hair growth, but increasingly more promotes it is as a stimulator of hair growth agent. The foti also it known as "shien mien",

Taoism and ancient Chinese teachings give great importance to the sexual aspect, say that the weakness or sexual loss directly affects the loss and hair growth

For the Chinese, healthy hair is indicative of a high level of sexual health. On the other hand claim that excessive sexual emissions affect general health, causes premature aging and loss of hair.

In Japan, a study found that the men of the city lose more hair than the men in the rural area, perhaps because the Japanese  of urban areas have adopted Western diets rich in meat and more milk, fast food, as opposed to rural Japanese that diet on beans, fish and vegetables rich in essential oils.


This Chinese remedy is indicated to improve memory, circulation, high pressure, anxiety, insomnia, and particularly to combat male pattern baldness.

Chinese , with more than 90 years, which exhibit their full hair and claim that goto kola is the plant which used to keep their hair healthy and strong.

Visible hair growth was observed in a study with mice, after managing capsules of goto kola to a group of mice in a controlled manner. Lately, this plant is being studied intensively by pharmaceutical companies to discover its healing properties for several diseases, including hair loss. It is claimed that this plant may be the great discovery of the century, comparable only to the discovery of St. John's wort.

If your problem is hair loss, you can prepare at home a lotion-based plants, easy to find, which stops hair loss in just two weeks. See my pictures, before and after 4 years. Click here

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