Fast Shampoo Reviews and Testimonials

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Who doesn’t want a prettier, brighter, and longer hair? Our article Fast Shampoo Reviews and Testimonials will tell you about this cosmetic option that could help you to wear hair longer in less time.

FAST, registered trademark of Nisim for (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) is a shampoo and conditioner that promises to grow hair of men and women in a 99% faster; but it warns that FAST only works if you have hair to grow and you are not losing hair. The product is a mixture of amino acids and natural herbs that works, according to the manufacturer, to provide in a short time longer and healthier hair. But FAST shampoo actually works? Read testimonies or try yourself.

There are many revisions of this product but today we offer our own Fast Shampoo Review.

Fast Shampoo Reviews – Has anyone used FAST shampoo?

When a product promises wonderful results it wake up immediate interest, but users, women mainly in this case, they ask with legitimate right if anyone has used the product and what are their results? And the forums are the ideal places to ask these questions and to find the answers.

Some women say that if FAST Shampoo only achieve quarter what promises would be a marvel; others have heard the name for the first time. It would love to many to know the result of other women. There are women who have used the product and are happy with the result but others simply say it is a useless expense. If you want to know an infinite number of answers about Fast Shampoo Reviews, visit these sites:

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Fast Shampoo Reviews Pro & Cons

As with most hair products there are defenders and detractors. With FAST shampoo and conditioner there are numerous comments that speak of it fabulous benefits but there are also negative comments. In some FAST shampoo reviews stand out the pros and the cons. So you have an idea nearest Nisim Fast shampoo, let’s see some advantages and disadvantages:


Actually in most cases vitamins and nutrients from FAST shampoo get hair more volume and more brightness and users can enjoy a hair more attractive and beautiful.

Due to nutrients, amino acids and active principles of the different
herbs with the shampoo, almost in all cases, the hair grows more quickly to the usual used. Depending on the pace of growth of each person, the hair grows faster or slower, but always faster than usual.


You can feel your hair hard and rough even after using the conditioner, but this is a minor annoyance for most women.

Many people do not follow strictly the instructions and feel frustrated with no immediate results. The use must be continuous and daily, and if you don’t follow that pace it is possible that you don’t get the expected benefits. It seems that with this shampoo, the key is consistency.

It is possible that if you using the FAST shampoo enjoy a long, healthy and shiny hair, the cons do not concern you much.

Nisim Fast Shampoo Prices

The Nisim products prices, including FAST Shampoo, are high and should be continually used by what users think it well before they buy

Some examples:

No Sulfates, Parabens, DEA fast 2 Pack (10 oz) Boxed

Bundle 2 Items: Fast 2 Pack Sulfate Free, 10 oz + Argan Plus Wonder Oil

Fast 2-Pack Original (12 oz Shampoo + Conditioner) Boxed

Fast 3 Pack 12oz Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Conditioning Masque

Fast Shampoo (10 oz) No Sulfates, Parabens, DEA

Fast Shampoo Reviews Testimonials

If you are thinking of using FAST Shampoo some testimonies of women who used the shampoo and conditioner can interest you. We note the positive and negative testimonials.


Testimony from buying from Amazon for F.A.S.T. shampoo and conditioner Combo Pack – 12 FL. oz.,

As most of the people I was skeptical about the product, I thought how externally a shampoo can grow hair faster? After a wrong haircut, my daughter was desperate to make grow her hair.

I have to say that FAST Shampoo grew her hair twice as fast. I measured her hair before and two weeks later and in that period of time ½ grew inch. So we are very happy and my daughter will continue to use the shampoo and conditioner until she reaches the desired length.


I give a rating of 4.5 stars because my hair has grown more healthy and thick. I am in month 3 use of shampoo and I am glad of purchase. My hair does not look silky and soft by that I don’t assign it the ½ point missing.

I paid $45 for the shampoo and conditioner and I’m happy because my hair grows very fast. My colleague has commented that my hair looks more voluminous and thick.


I’m very happy! My hair has grown almost 1 inch in a month. I don’t use it every day, only two or three times a week. My hair is healthy and manageable. My complaint is that shampoo removes dye my hair


Client review

I started applying the shampoo to my scalp and I noticed that it was not cleaning well and was very dry and my hair started to fall more and with the hair conditioner I was not best. Maybe the shampoo is bad for hair curly like mine, whatever it is I am mortified with this purchase. It is possible that it works for others but it did not work for me; I’m only being honest with my appreciation about this product


I’ve used the product for 15 days and I have to say that my hair has grown half inch but the bad thing of shampoo is that it worsened my dandruff and itching of my scalp. I would not buy again this shampoo for dandruff and itching are very annoying.


A month ago I bought this extremely expensive shampoo in order to wear hair long in 2014. Due to the positive feedback I was hoping to grow my hair faster but this has not happened and in the last month ½ inch has grown as usual and my hair seemed more parched. I will finish the bottle which is expensive and will review my rating if it does not work.

Fast Shampoo Reviews Conclusion

There are no miracle pills that make the hair grow overnight
Hair grows about 6 inches per year, and during this process of growth the smarter is to ensure a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, taking a multivitamin, massage the scalp, use less heat products, less gels, less mousse and not color. But if the FAST shampoo Reviews it hypnotize you, try it, and leave any doubt.

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