Fibromyalgia How I Cured Myself

Luis Quiroz Ravines , Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health REVEALS , the most simple, natural and effective treatment to cure FIBROMYALGIA  in three months or less

He was cured with this treatment and five years later,
live happy, free of pain, or confusion

He says, “My healing was simple, natural and almost free”

In the book, “Fibromyalgia How I Cured Myself”, the author tells how he recovered from fibromyalgia for about 99.00%, by just applying a natural treatment, simple and almost free, and how after five years, he has continued applying the same treatment with total success.

Luis was afflicted by a deep sense of guilt and this originated the disease:

Muscle stiffness
Loss of memory
And severe pain in different muscles of the body

He tried all possible treatments: massages, pills, injections, acupuncture, etc. etc., nothing was working. Until one day he applied the treatment of an Iranian doctor, who had spent 20 years studying a natural element which cures up to 20 diseases.

Little by little it was giving pain and other symptoms. His relief was slow but sustained. Little by little his pain gave up; his muscles recovered their flexibility, as well as his mental lucidity, vitality and eagerness to keep living

He started again: first, walking, then jogging for 3-4 times a week and carrying out exercise for 20 minutes a day. Since then he has followed this routine: natural treatment, exercise and stress control.


Is this treatment effective for various diseases? Iranian doctor says YES

– The treatment is simple
– The treatment is 100 % natural
– The treatment is cheap
– The treatment can be applied to men and women
– The treatment is also effective for other diseases, like ulcers, overweight,
   dry skin and hair wilted and more

You can purchase this ebook by visiting JVZoo. Keyword:  Fibromyalgia

But if you want results you must apply it daily in a disciplined and persistent way.

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