Finally an Effective Treatment for Baldness?


By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Only in United States more than 80 million men suffer from some kind of partial or total baldness or hair loss, also there are a significant number who face this problem, having being aesthetic, rather than psychological and depressive consequence.

Balness Causes

In the case of hair loss or baldness, 95% of cases stems called androgenetic alopecia, caused by hereditary and genetic factors. parties affected by this type of baldness are mainly the top and front of the head, but the side and rear areas are not affected. apparently, lack of irrigation, dandruff, seborrhea or stress are no  the determinants of this type of baldness.

The growth of the hair industry is flourishing and desperate users are offered from miracle cures to grow hair in the short term until sexy wigs of immediate effect, including shampoos, lotions to stop hair lossand baldness, to costly but definitive solutions as from the neck or leg hair transplants.

Baldness Research

Unexpectedly, seems to have been discovered a medically indicated for the treatment of glaucoma, it does grow hair. This is good news for men and women around the world suffering from this disease.

The FASEB Journal advises the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a medically called bimatoprost for the treatment of glaucoma that surprisingly proved to grow eyelashes, although these are preliminary information, this benefit of the product could be applied to stimulate the growth of human scalp and reduce baldness.

Dr. Valerie Randall of the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom said it is hoped that new studies will lead to the development of new drugs and treatments for hair loss that could improve the appearance and quality of life of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

We need to increase our understanding of how works the mechanism of growth of the hair follicle to allow new approach and solutions to different problems of hair, said Dr. Randall.

Gerald Weissmann, the FASEB Journal said this might be the discovery that men have been waiting and if you consider that the bimatoprost medicine has already been approved to combat glaucoma and its safety profile is good, this could be the treatment for hair loss and baldness that all have been waiting for and it was always before our eyes.

To arrive at this discovery Dr. Randal and his team conducted up to three sets of experiments, both in humans and mice. Follicle cells were taken and hairy and samples directly from the scalp, in both cases it was observed that the bimatoprost was conducive to the growth of the hair.

A third experiment was carried out in mice, bimatoprost was applied in a bald area of mice, and as is the case with human cells, also in mice caused the hair from growing back.


As we said at the beginning, this could be the treatment for hair loss and baldness that is finally truly effective.

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