Finally a New Treatment for Hair Loss..?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In an effort to solve a problem as old as humanity, hair loss or finally male and female baldness, scientists from around the world performed, almost routinely new studies to find the true cause of this disease, not only cosmetic, but above all psychological consequences and self esteem.
In this way, scientists at Yale University, have discovered, what  would be the source that triggers the process of hair growth.

New Treatment for Hair Loss..?

Experimenting in mice, the researchers identified within the layer of fat from the scalp, stem cells, necessary to stimulate hair growth. Cell magazine published this discovery

This is an encouraging news for hundreds of millions of men and women of all cultures who suffer baldness in some of its forms. The discovery opens the way for the creation of new treatments for hair loss, although additional studies are needed

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The studies were led by Dr. Valerie Horsley, Assistant molecular biology from Yale University. Dr Horsley said, if we can get these fat cells to communicate with stem cells dormant at the base of hair follicles, we could get the hair again enhancing.

For some time, scientists have known that stem cells in the follicles need stimuli or signals from the inside of the skin to regulate the process of hair growth, but the origin of these signals had not been identified.

Those who suffer from male pattern baldness even have stem cells at the root of the follicle, but these cells have no capacity to participate in  cycle of growth and regeneration of hair

Hair Loss Treatment Reaserch

The team of Dr. Horsley noted the existence of precursor cells in the creation of new fat cells, giving rise to a process called adipogenesis, also discovered that this type of cells producing molecules called PDGF, necessary to generate hair growth

Researchers are also trying to identify other signals emitted by the precursor stem cells that may have impact on the process of hair growth

The main work of Dr. Valerie Horsley at Yale University is the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control stem cell activity and its role within the epithelia, i.e. the tissues covering the outer surfaces and the internal organs.

Other doctors who participated in the study were Drs. Eric Festa, Fretz Jackie Ryan Berry, Schmidt Barbara, Rodeheffer Matthew and Mark Horowitz.

New treatments for hair loss and baldness control are expected from these discoveries.

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