Four best carbs for weight loss


Forget what you’ve read till date about carbohydrates, you can eat them and still manage to skinny down. Here’s how

Whole wheat bread
You don’t have to bid adieu to sandwiches anymore. Whole wheat bread is high in complex carbohydrates, low in saturated fat, is a source of protein, and also a storehouse of nutrients and fibre, which helps you lose as well as maintain your weight.




Barley helps fight hunger by raising your blood sugar level slowly. It is extremely low in calories and acts as a wonderful diet supplement and aids in maintaining a slim figure. It also reduces your cholesterol level. Barley is packed with insoluble fibre which helps retain water, thus flushing out toxins.

Green peas
Though known more for its cold-fighting powers, this mineral rich food helps reduce hunger by boosting levels of leptin, a hormone, which alerts your brain when your stomach has had enough. In this way, you lose weight gradually. Read full article…

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