From eating less than 1,200 calories a day to enjoying burritos and ice cream: How one woman ditched the diets (and the kilos) and got in shape by lifting weights


 Despite exercising and quitting sugar and carbs, Dell Farrell gained weight

  • She became a personal trainer to educate herself, but still struggled
  • She found results after she embraced a healthy approach to eating 
  • Miss Farrell does not deprive herself, and still eats tacos and ice cream
  • Heavy weight training helped lower her body fat percentage

 Dell Farrell had tried everything to lose weight.

She drank green smoothies, sipped on lemon water and cayenne pepper, cut out sugar and carbs and even took diet pills to try and shed the kilos – to no avail.

 She hated herself for not being able to lose the weight, and pushed her body to breaking point.

 The Gold Coast local had had enough – she was 69 kilograms with a body fat percentage of 33 per cent – but it was not until she ditched the fad diets and embraced a wholesome approach to eating that she started to see a change.


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 Balanced diet: Once Dell Farrell quit fad diets and embraced a wholesome approach to food, she started to see results

All through school I did horse riding, I did it competitively almost every weekend, and then when I moved out of home and went to uni I didn’t ride at all,’ Miss Farrell, 24, told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I had late-night classes at uni and I would have a coke or an iced coffee

‘I was staying up late at night and had bad eating habits.’

Miss Farrell gained weight, but despite her best efforts to diet, she could not shift the extra kilograms.

‘While eating 1,200 calories a day (and sometimes less), I endured six days a week of Muay Thai and CrossFit workouts—and I still wasn’t losing weight,’ Miss Farrell told Women’s Health.

 ‘I couldn’t sleep at night. I was burnt out, stressed, and hating myself for not being able to lose weight despite my insane eating and exercise habits.

 ‘I was so sick of all of the bad advice I’d been taking, so I set out to learn how my body really worked by becoming a personal trainer.

‘Unfortunately, my personal training coursework hammered home the same old-school beliefs: Carbs make you fat, sugar should be totally eliminated from your diet, and protein should be eaten every two to four hours.’ Read full article…





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