Hair Fall Treatment At Home- Top Remedies

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

If every day you lose about 50-100 hairs, no worry about much, but if you have something more of 50 years and a family history of bald, probably you also suffer from male pattern baldness and if female hair will become finer and more ralo.The causes for hair loss are multiple, heredity, age, stress, chemotherapy, poor diet, thyroid disease, direct damage to the hair with the abusive use of dyes, hot appliances etc.

The appearance is very important for people, especially women and hair loss can affect self-esteem. The dermatologist can diagnose the cause of your problem and prescribe the most appropriate treatment, but also you can use homemade natural solutions to stop and eventually grow back your hair. Today we’ll talk about precisely hair fall treatment at home.

Hair Fall Treatment At Home History

The hair loss is a health problem as old as mankind and always this condition has meant a stigma and a low self-esteem.

Already in ancient Egypt and Rome are looking for a hair fall treatment at home. The General Julius Caesar suffered from alopecia and wore a laurel wreath to hide his baldness. Caesar combed his hair from back to front to hide his baldness and was one of the pioneers in the use of the comb.

For the first Roman one hair fall treatment at home was the use of chicken manure and Egyptians prepared based hair creams fat snake , lion, crocodile , hippo and ibex, naturally these treatments were not unsuccessful.

Hippocrates, father of medicine applied urine of chicken to his bald and busily sought a remedy to cure baldness. He was the first to describe male pattern baldness although he never discovered the causes of hair loss. Curiously the eunuchs, or castrated men not suffering from hair loss due to the lack of the hormone testosterone which is converted into DHT, a leading cause of hair loss.

To cover baldness, wigs were used and these were very popular in the 16th century but already used 1500 years before Christ.

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hair fall treatment at home

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Hair fall treatment at home Tips

Among the most known Hair fall treatment at home Tips are as follows:

-Apply a slightly hot oil to the scalp:  coconut, olive or canola etc. For 1 hour, then rinse with warm water.

-Improve the blood circulation of the scalp with circular massage for a few minutes using a few drops of sesame oil, almond, lavender.

-Rub the scalp with juice from garlic, ginger or onions and let throughout the night and rinse with warm water in the morning.

-Apply slightly hot green tea on the scalp and leave for 1 hour. Green tea antioxidants promote hair growth and loss of volume.

-Once or twice a day rub the scalp with the pulp of aloe vera and leave for two hours, rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

-For a spectacular and brilliant hair rub the scalp with four egg whites and allow 1 hour, rinse with a mixture of water and Apple Cider vinegar and then with plenty of water.

-Apply a nettle lotion and leave overnight. Bring to a boil the leaves of nettle 10 minutes, cool and apply

Best hair fall treatment at home

It is difficult to say this is the best hair fall treatment at home, but we southbound used more often over time.

Rosemary, Sage and Aloe Vera

Rosemary stimulates hair growth, Sage increases the density of the hair and aloe vera is since ancient times, according to a Thai study, one of the most effective remedies to combat hair loss.

Onion juice

According to Journal Of Dermatology in a study showed that 20 people who applied twice daily, juice of onion to their scalp, observed in some six weeks hair regrowth. The anti-inflammatory effects of flavonoids from onion were valued by researchers.

-One to two times per week massage your scalp with

some kind of suitable oil: olive, coconut, amla, Rosemary, almond, Castor, wheat germ, argan, emu, etc. Massage increases blood flow to the follicles and strengthens the roots of the hair

Hot peppers

A study suggests that the capsaicin from Chili Peppers stimulates hair growth in about 5 months. 6 milligrams daily of a supplement containing capsaicin achieved these results.

AMLA or Indian gooseberry

This plant is rich in vitamin C and is a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and exfoliating and anti-inflammatory. The repeated application of amla promotes strong, healthy hair growth. Apply a mixture of amla with lemon juice to the scalp and leave overnight.


High content of fenugreek hormone promotes growth of hair and reconstructs the hair follicles. Overnight soak fenugreek seeds, grind and make a paste, apply to the scalp

Coconut milk

Essential fatty acids and proteins of the coconut promote growth and healthy hair and prevent hair loss. You can prepare at home coconut milk: grate fresh coconut, add water, allow to boil 5 minutes, strain and cool. Apply for 20 minutes and rinse.

Aloe Vera

Alkalizing properties and enzymes of aloe vera vigorously promote hair growth and balance essential for healthy PH hair. Aloe also reduces inflammation, itching, dandruff and adds shine and strength to the hair. Three – four times a week apply gel of aloe vera to the scalp, leave 20 minutes and rinse with water, preferably warm.

Saw palmetto

By its ability to block formation of dihydrotestosterona (DHT) main cause for hair loss in males, the saw palmetto is widely used as an effective resource to stop hair loss and promote its growth

Hair fall treatment at home for women

Loss of hair in women has features different from hair loss in men, but there are also natural treatments to address this growing problem among women.

A hair fall treatment at home for women must meet two objectives: on the one hand invigorate hair to avoid falling and on the other, increasing the rate of growth to replace the lost hair.

The first step is to eat a nutritious diet rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber. The consumption of abundant fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and water are fundamental.

The cause of your hair loss could be a poor diet, in this case take daily essential vitamin supplements such as:

100 mg of B-complex which includes the major B vitamins

25,000 IU of beta-carotene

50 milligrams of biotin

1,000 mg of vitamin C

400 IU of vitamin E

50 mg of zinc

50 mg of iron

Avoid dyes, shampoos and conditioners containing harmful chemicals, use organic and natural products

Regularly apply jojoba oil to prevent hair fall

Apply 2 part of oil of Rosemary and 1 part almond oil to the scalp, leave 20 minutes and rinse

To improve the blood flow to your scalp apply safflower oil, allow 20 minutes and rinse

Two times a day take 200 mg. of choline inositol to stimulate growth of new hair.

Home remedies for males can also be helpful to your hair problem, but if the hair falls abundantly visit the dermatologist to determine the precise cause of the problem.

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