Hair Growth Tablets That Work

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

A Tablet is for many people the easiest and fastest alternative to try to stop or recover lost hair, rather than applying treatments that time consuming and require greater effort and dedication. But nothing makes hair quickly and there are no magic pills to make hair growth in a few days, so if you are looking for hair growth tablets, consider this reality and act accordingly. Naturally take multi-vitamins and a healthy diet will help. In the market you will find tablets for hair of different brands and qualities.

Hair Growth Tablets For Rapid Hair Regrowth

The hair growth tablets, usually are made with natural and organic herbs with specific formulas for men and women with the purpose of providing nutrients to the hair follicle and promote their health and regeneration. Tablets for men usually include, vitamin B6, biotin, saw Palmetto, magnesium, Uva Ursi and other components. Tablets for women include Uva Ursi, biotin, magnesium, silica etc. Components of these tablets to try to balance the hormone levels of each gender. Excess testosterone causes falling hair, fine hair. When testosterone is coupled with the hormone 5-alpha reductase  produce dihydrotestosterone or DHT which reaches the hair follicles, weaken them, inactive and originates its fall. That is why it is important to combat the production of DHT because while it´s  present the possibility of regeneration of hair is lower. The hair growth tablets contain these blockers and this action can be improved with the daily use of a shampoo, which in addition to clean, remove bacteria or fungi help to block the production of dihydrotestosterone.

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Hair Growth Tablets
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Do the tablets for hair growth work?

Hair has a cycle of growth with three simultaneous phases called anagen, catagen, and andtelogen, the three phases occur simultaneously and each phase has specific characteristics. The hair growth tablets allow you to accelerate the natural process of growth of the hair through the contribution of various vitamins, especially vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin B5, vitamin E and other. Depending on the formulation and the quality of the components, these tablets can help effectively in the hair restoration and maintain healthy hair. There are many brands on the market, some of the best-known are:


– Maxi-Hair

– Fast Grow

– NuHair Pills

– Intense Grow Hair

– Deva Hair Growth

– Natrol Biotin

– Hair Maxx D

 For Women Hair Growth Tablets

The majority of hair growth tablets are formulated for men, but there are also some specifically for women. Tablets for women, like most men are composed of supplements based botanical ingredients, but in the case of tablets for women also includes silica and horsetail.

Here some brands of hair growth tablets for women:

– Nutrilite with 1,000 mcg biotin

– NutriHair ®

– Nanogen made in United Kingdom by Nanogen

A consuming Nanogen Lady says:

I’ve been taking for about 7 weeks now. All wonder what are you  doing? Because your hair to look good..

How Much Cost Hair Growth Capsules?

Some reference prices:

Viviscal Extra Strength


Natrol Biotin (10 mcg) Maximum Strength

by Natrol


Viviscal Professional


Vibrance Vitamins


Country Life Maxi Hair


Hair Maxx D

by Ultrax Laboratories


Hair Volume

by New Nordic


Hair Essentials

by Natural Wellbeing


Hair Growth (uk)

£50.00 For 3 month supply

If you use hair growth capsules and these do not work, try my natural lotion made in house, which stops hair loss in about two weeks. See results on this website

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