Hair loss Treatment with Medication for Glaucoma

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Sometimes accidental discoveries are made and are long sought solutions to specific problems. The solution to a problem is often before our eyes and yet we spend without noticing them. This seems to be the case of a promising discovery to fight against the loss of hair and baldness.

Bimatoprost, a drug used to combat glaucoma, seems to have the ability to regenerate lost hair. In parallel to the application for glaucoma also has been marketed as a product for lengthening eyelashes

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that gradually impairs vision. In general you do not develop symptoms and without appropriate treatment may cause sudden blindness. Early detection and appropriate treatments are needed to avoid this problem.

Hair Loss Treatment with Bimatoprost

Dr. Valerie Randall, of the Bradfor University of the United Kingdom has participated in a study applying bimatoprost to mice and humans and the first results have been surprising. He performed two experiments in humans and a third experiment in mice. In both cases has been observed growing new hair in depopulated areas. This is the first real evidence that Bimatoprost may be effective in the regrowth of hair of men and women.

Promising hair loss treatment

This discovery is encouraging and could lead to the discovery of a medically effective to control hair loss and promote its growth. Millions of men and women look forward to a real solution to this problem which affects, not only the physical appearance, but, especially personal self-esteem

The information appeared in the digital newspaper FASEB and quickly spread around the world.

Bimatoprost is a medication approved by the FDA of the United States for the treatment of glaucoma so its use as a treatment for loss of hair and baldness will not be a problem

With further studies, the researchers hope to determine with precision, how the hair follicles works to allow new medical approach to the problems of loss and hair growth.

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At present only there are two medications approved by the FDA to fight against the loss of hair and alopecia, and the occurrence third medication will be helpful to stop hair fall or regenerate it, and restoring hope to millions of people.

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