Hair Loss Treatment With Eye Drops?

Hair loss treatment

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Many discoveries throughout history occur by accident or chance. And this seems to be the case with certain eye drops, which unexpectedly showed their ability to regenerate lost hair.

The discovery was done by observing that when drops in the eyes, eyebrows stimulated hair growth.

If this finding is confirmed, hundreds of millions worldwide with hair problems could benefit with this new hair loss treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment applying eye drops

The FASEB journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, announced a discovery that only in the UK could benefit more than 6 million people with hair loss.

Was applied to the hair of patient volunteers a drug called bimatoprost and only 9 days the treated hair grew more than one third to the hair not treated with bimatoprost, this result suggests that it could have been discovered a new hair loss treatment or baldness in general.

Professor Valerie Randall , of the University of Bradford , expressed that if the drug goes directly to follicle should stimulate hair growth .

Bimatoprost may become a new hair loss treatment

Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in Lumigan and usually applies to patients suffering from glaucoma but as a side effect, this product makes eyelashes grow . This result encouraged scientists to try bimatoprost in stimulating hair growth, the early results are encouraging, it could be a new hope for the treatment of hair loss.

Even when it is in an experimental stage, if the results are confirmed, it may soon this product is released to the market as a new remedy to solve hair loss problems and baldness.

Androgens are directly related to hair loss, especially male pattern baldness and affects hundreds of millions of men in the world, scientists hope that bimatoprost has a higher effect and prevalent to androgens and finally finished by stimulating the growth of hair follicles

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hair loss treatment
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Bimatoprost, new drug as hair loss treatment?

Bimatoprost is used for a long time to grow eyelashes affected by hypotrichosis, eyelash-much-below normal, and can spend 17 weeks to see results in the growth of eyelashes. Should be applied topically once a day, always at the same time

Allergan Inc., is the manufacturer of bimatoprost and Dr. Randall is the consultant in this experiment that takes place both in Germany and in the United States. The experiments involve 172 women with female-pattern baldness and 220 men with male pattern baldness. Bimatoprost is applied for 6 months a group of men and women and other placebo group, i.e. medication without bimatoprost, studies are in phase II and the final results should be known soon. But they will be necessary additional studies of long-range to determine whether this drug is truly an effective hair loss treatment.

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