Hair Thinning Men Treatments

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Not only women worry about their hair, men also, and in the majority of cases suffer extremely, especially if they are relatively young and hair loss is severe. Statistics show that at age 50 approximately 85%  will suffer from hair thinning men
Problems related to hair thin or worse still hair loss, affects most men professional and social relations. All conditions hair baldness or alopecia androgenetic represents more than 95% and it can be devastating for males with professions with broad exposure to the public and they will do anything to restore your hair. If you’re really worried as soon as possible visit to the dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis.

Causes Hair Thinning Men

Hair thinning men, can occur for different reasons, one of the main can be hormonal imbalance due to an under active or overactive thyroid function or due to low levels of androgen hormones. Men must be attentive to your hormone levels to prevent thinning hair. Also stress can cause hair thinning and falling and it’s necessary to control it properly.

Dr. Marta Rendon, outstanding Florida dermatologist, has extensively studied the causes of hair thinning men and points out two main causes alopecia androgenetic and Telogen effluvium, the first is hereditary and the second product of the stress or poor diet.

There are important differences between hair loss of men and women. Men lose hair in three points: top of head and on both sides of the front. Women thinning hair is general but almost no impact on the hairline. The Telogen effluvium affects both men and women but it is not hereditary. For Dr. Rondon these are the leading causes of hair thinning men


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 hair thinning men

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Hair Thinning Men Treatments

You must ask yourself what is the best treatment for hair thinning men? The answer is no really simple, there is no treatment which guarantees a 100% effectiveness, including hair transplants which are not suitable for all persons. But there are, perhaps partial solutions, but they work in a better than in other cases. There is no pill miraculous to quickly solve hair problems.

If your hair is thin, first make sure that your thyroid to work well and watch your diet, must contain the proper amount of protein and vitamins as B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin and A, C, D, E & zinc, essential for healthy hair. Dr. Arthur K. Balin, dermatologist ensures that there are only two remedies that can help the hair growth: rogaine and propecia. The laser can also be used to stimulate the folioculos, but this will only work in dark or pigmented hair and results can be seen after 3 treatments applied every 3 months.

Natural Solution For Hair Thinning Men

Herbal solutions have also proven to be effective in many cases of hair loss or hair thinning in men, with the advantage that natural remedies has no side effects.

The plants most commonly used for hair are as follows:

Saw Palmetto used widely to treat prostate problems, also applies successfully to promote hair growth and reduce its fall.

Aloe Vera, apply the gel on the scalp to restore the capillary PH and to promote hair growth for its content of superoxide dismutane

Ginkgo Biloba increases blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes the hair follicle promoting growth of new hair.

Nettle, powerful blocker of the hormone DHT leading cause  of hair loss in males.

Pygeum, since ancient times has been used for hair care and is included in many preparations to combat problems of hair

Other natural products include the use of castor and lavender oil, which prevents hair loss and repair damaged hair. Applied massage stimulates the circulation and promote healthy hair.

Best Foods For Hair Thinning Men

Not only healthy hair needs external treatment or topical applications, also need a healthy, balanced and varied diet. The following foods are essential for a strong, beautiful and healthy hair.

Nuts are rich in biotuna, vitamin E and above all contains large amounts of Omega 3 acids. It also contains copper which helps to shine and natural hair color

Salmon, contains lots of vitamin D and protein essential for healthy hair; It is also very rich in omega-3 fatty acids and the hair is made up of some 3% of fatty acids and 97% of proteins.

Eggs contain essential minerals as zinc, sulfur, iron, and selenium and are a great source of high quality protein; Iron is very important because it allows cells to transport oxygen to the follicles.

Oysters, rich in zinc, if missing this mineral, hair weakens, dries and falls. Tabs can even fall.

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which is then converted into vitamin A, and the hair and the body cannot function without sufficient vitamin A

Spinach, contain vitamin C, folic acid, iron and beta carotene which helps keep healthy hair follicles and promote scalp circulation.

Lentils, legumes full of iron, zinc, biotin and basic proteins for healthy hair.

For hair thinning men try a natural solution. Try my homemade formula for hair loss. See my pictures before and after.

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