Hair Transplant, Pros and Cons

Hair Transplant

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair loss can profoundly affect men's self-esteem and body image deterioration. And it can also be a medical problem. To solve this problem a great industry flourishes for medications, hair loss treatments and hair transplant.

Approximately 50% of men from age 50, suffers from some form of baldness and from age 70, the percentage is increased by about 80%.
Hair loss or baldness is a sign of aging and vulnerability and an issue of concern for both men and women. You lose self-esteem and personal safety. You may need a hair transplant

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Hair Transplant in Men

One of the solutions more secure, but more costly to the pronounced baldness or hair loss is for hair transplant. For some reason, undiscovered, the hair on the back of the head is genetically more resistant. This reality has generated a growing industry of hair transplant

Specialized doctors removed a portion of skin with hair from the back of the head and grafted it in more sparsely populated areas of hair. With the help of x-ray laser or appropriate tools run micro grafts from one or two hairs or skin with 3 or 4 hair grafts.

Usually the transplanted hair is thin and soft, on average 50-60% of transplants are successful and have a good long-term response. They require additional transplants if baldness or lack of hair is very pronounced.

Hair Transplant Cost

A natural appearance can be achieved in six months to a year and the cost of a transplant may range from $3,000 to $25,000 dollars, according to the number of mini grafts applied. An average session for a transplant can last 5 hours and several sessions of transplantation may be necessary depending on the case.

Different factors influence the final cost of a hair transplant, type of pattern hair loss, extent of hair loss, hair density desired by the patient, type of hair, clinic or physician performing hair transplantation, etc.

For example, if you want transplant of 2000 hairs, the cost will be approximately $ 10,000 ($ 5 per graft), but if you need 4500 hairs., The cost of hair transplantation will be about $ 17,500 ($3 x 2500 grafts)

If you have no budget for a transplant and hair loss what alarm, you can find other options, such as the use of topical minoxidil, which could prolong the hair growth cycle, but you have to use it permanently, if you stop using it your hair will fall and baldness returns to the condition it had previously.

It is also used as a hair loss treatment and baldness, finasteride is ingested in tablet of 1 mg, the drug known as Proscar Propecia brands, reduces or interferes with hormone hair growth. In about 3 -4 months can observe the results.

Like any medicine, finasteride may have unwanted side effects such as wheezing, hives, cough, even impotence.

Can any Person Be Eligible for a Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, not everyone can be good candidates for a hair transplant. the doctor must evaluate each case and be honest with the patient about the results of your future hair transplant , for example are not good candidates, people with hair loss in over your  head and not only at the top or Center, or people with lupus or psoriasis, both inflammatory diseases that hinder good results in a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant – Situations to consider

First consider that a hair transplant is an expensive procedure, in some cases, the cost of a hair transplant, would be like buying a new car

In a hair transplant, not everybody reacts the same, even if the hair transplant surgery is very advanced, no one can guarantee a 100% success, especially in the medium and long term.

Like any other surgery, a hair transplant risks are likely, although in most cases there are no complications.

If you have short hair, it is likely to observe the hair transplant scars, although usually the scars are very thin and are not visible

Also consider that lose hair from the nape or back of your head, place to get hair to hair transplantation

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