Having depression or diabetes raises the risk of dementia by up to 80% – and even more if you suffer both

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  • Having diabetes is associated with a 20% greater risk of developing dementia
  • A depression diagnosis was associated with an 83% increased risk
  • Being diagnosed with both conditions increases the risk by 117%
  • As many as one in five people with type 2 diabetes also have depression 

Furthermore, as many as one in five people with type 2 diabetes also has depression.

Researchers wanted to find out whether being diagnosed with one of these diseases increased the risk of developing dementia.












A team led by Dr Dimitry Davydow, of the University of Washington School of Medicine, examined the risk of dementia among people with depression, type 2 diabetes or both
They then compared these results with people who had neither condition, looking at data for more than 2.4 million Danes aged 50 or older, who were free of dementia from 2007 through to 2013.

Overall, 19.4 per cent of the group had a diagnosis of depression, 9.1 per cent had type 2 diabetes, and 3.9 per cent had diagnoses of both diabetes and depression.


The average age they were initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes was 63.1, while the average age they were diagnosed with depression was 58.5. Read full article…


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