Healthiest breakfasts revealed: Eating fruit, dairy and cereal is the best way to start your day and keep weight off

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  • Polled 147 people with an average BMI of 21.7 and most did not diet
  • Only 4% skipped breakfast, while 35% had salad for lunch every day
  • In terms of snacks, fruit (39%) and nuts (20%) came out on top 

People who are effortlessly slim eat fruit, dairy cereal and granola for breakfast, a study has found.

For lunch, more than a third eat salad every day, and for the majority, chicken is their favourite meat and they always include vegetables in their dinner.

In fact, almost a tenth were vegetarian and nearly a fifth said they don’t drink alcohol.



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But despite their healthy habits, almost half said they didn’t diet, and more than one in ten never weigh themselves.

Researchers from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, wanted to find out what people who are mindlessly thin, and have never struggled with weight problems eat. Read full article…


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