Here’s some hair-raising news! New hope for baldness cure after scientists find way to trigger growth using white blood cells


  • Method discovered by accident at Spain’s main cancer research centre
  • Researcher found mice given anti-inflammatory drugs grew extra hair
  • Study now claims link was due to complex cells called macrophages
  • Infection-fighters activated nearby stem cells responsible for hair growth
  • Author: Method could allow regeneration without need for a transplant

A researcher’s accidental discovery could pave the way for a baldness cure by harnessing the power of white blood cells.

The cancer expert was testing anti-inflammatory drugs on mice when she was surprised to discover they were growing extra fur, so investigated what was causing the phenomenon.

She discovered it was due to macrophages, which are derived from white blood cells called monocytes and are produced by the immune system to fight infections and clear up dead tissue.

Wait no more: Hopes for a baldness cure have been revived after a Spanish researcher accidentally

discovered how cells from the immune system can activate those which are responsible for hair growth

According to Dr Mirna Perez-Moreno, who made the find at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid, the macrophages activated nearby stem cells which are responsible for hair growth.

That means follicles could be encouraged to grow without the need for a hair transplant, which can cost upwards of £5,000.Read full article…

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