Here’s the truth about weight loss medicines!


If you’ve ever watched late night television, you must have stumbled across endless advertisements about magical weight loss pills. 

Each advertisement begins with the wondrous promise of ‘eat all you want, don’t exercise, and still watch those kilos melt away.’And with obesity on the rise the world over, the business of weight loss medicines becomes more lucrative with each passing day. But is there any merit to these weight loss pills? Can healthy weight loss really be that simple? Today we’re taking a look at what the truth behind these weight loss medicines really is.







Claim to blind ‘fat’ cells: There are many weight loss medicines available out there, most of which claim to shield us from the absorption of fat. Sold as pills that can cheat our metablosim into thinking that the stomach is full, sadly, the truth is nowhere close to what they ‘guarantee’. Blinding fat cells, is not a scientifically accepted method or even description for healthy weight loss processes. Read full article…

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