How do you lose weight and keep it off?

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Stop the yo-yo diets

Many of us are overweight and one in six are currently trying to lose the pounds. But well over half of people dieting find they just put the weight back on.

I was refused important medical treatment unless I lost a considerable amount of weight. I’d been thinner before, but knew I needed to find a way of losing weight – permanently.

So how do we stop yo-yo dieting? While you should always get personalised advice from a health professional, here are some methods I used to achieve long term weight loss.

2.Get into the zone

Although there may be a temptation to avoid being weighed, dodging the facts of your situation will not help you lose the pounds.

Get on the scales

I had a phobia about being weighed. Now my advice would be take a deep breath and find out what you weigh at the start. Then you’ll know exactly how much you need to lose, and as your fitness builds you’ll know how much you have lost. Losing just 5-10% of your weight has a significant health benefit.



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Set yourself a goal

You’ll have a target weight, but think about why you want to lose weight. Changing your diet and lifestyle will have so many other benefits than simply losing weight. Writing them down and looking at them every once in a while can really help your motivation.

Goals could be to build confidence or keep weight-associated health problems such as diabetes and heart disease at bay. You may have specific desires, such as wanting fit into a favourite item of clothing once again, or to be able to play with your children or grandchildren. Read full article…


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