Incredible Health Secret

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines
Natural Health Specialist

The secret you are going to learn is the key to your body develops a healthy environment, able to repel most modern diseases and even prevent cancer.

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 Dr. Otto H Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 found that cancer was the cause of excess acidity in the body, which means that a pH below the normal level of 7,365 is a “state acid”. Dr. Warburg discovered that an alkaline PH involves high oxygen concentration and contrast, a low pH is acidic with a lower concentration of oxygen. And oxygen is essential for healthy cells.

The acidosis and lack of oxygen (hypoxia) are an ideal environment  to develop cancer cells.

While healthy cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, cancer cells can live in an environment without oxygen. If the healthy cells lose 35% of oxygen in approximately 48 hours become cancerous.

The equation is simple, an alkaline environment is full of oxygen, an acidic environment is lacking oxygen. (and in this environment the cancer cells develop)

Based on Dr, Warburg theory, oncologists like Doctors Tulio Simoncini in Italy or Alberto Martí Boch in Spain and others in Asia, have had remarkable success in curing cancer and other diseases, leading to their patients healthy alkaline environments.

Food plays a fundamental role in the acid-alkaline balance.

Unfortunately 95% of food we consume daily produce an acidic effect on the body: sugar, bread, flour, milk, fried foods, meats, sausages and other foods have an acidic effect, while fruits and vegetables, especially greens, have an alkaline effect.

Therefore, to grow a healthy body environment is critical daily neutralize the acid environment of the body and lead to a slightly alkaline environment. (PH 7.356).

Theoretically this “alkaline balance” is the biggest secret to prevent diseases including cancer which only develops in acidic environments.

To achieve this environment, ideally consumed daily by 80% of green food .. and 20% of other foods. But this is not always possible.

For this reason, Dr. Alberto Martí Boch remarkable Spanish Oncologist and Holistic, recommended to alkalize the body, prevent disease and ward off cancer, eating vegetarian, even “one day a week” and apply daily, this simple secret of health to your daily routine:

Incredible Health Recipe

– A small teaspoon, flush, of “baking soda”
-1 / 2 cup of water
– Juice of one lemon

Mix well and drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

Preparation is sodium bicarbonate at 5%. Ie 100 ml of water and 5 g. bicarbonate. Reference: a teaspoon = 10 gr, One small teaspoon = 5 gr (Moca).. Half Glass of water (1/2) = 100 ml.

ADDITION: If you want to enjoy an enviable health, get used to full supply of fruits and vegetables, drink about 2 glasses of water, exercise regularly and practice by all means keep a clean and healthy colon. Avoid strictly “constipation.” Remember the words of Dr. Bernard Jensen: “Death begins in the colon”

Eat plenty of fiber daily, include wheat bran in your diet and stubborn cases apply my personal recipe, which is extremely effective in eliminating constipation and re-educate the colon

My personal recipe

– Noni pulp
– Black grapes
– ½ cup of boiled or filtered water (optional)

In a blender pulverize best grapes with their seeds and then mix with the pulp of noni. Consume a glass daily for 2-3 months and then, even once a week.

This simple recipe super antioxidant, have amazing results in your overall health. Try it.

NOTE. If you do not have noni fruit, you can use packaged noni

I hope you appreciate your health and implement these simple and cheap recipes that can dramatically improve your health.

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