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By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

The men and particularly women, at all times have sought to enhance their beauty by removing the unwanted hair from different parts of the body that were uncomfortable and unattractive. Women have used knives, depilatory creams and other options at their disposal to this goal. For more than 20 years of experimented with a solution that could be effective to remove the anti aesthetic hair. It is the hair removal laser which is available since 1990 and although it is not permanent because many patients experience new hair growth after several months or years from the first treatment, is very effective. Our article today is about laser hair removal london.

In London there are skilled and experienced professionals in the use of the laser so that laser hair removal, cosmetic procedures minimally invasive, has become very popular in that country. But this technique is now widespread throughout the world.

Laser Hair Removal London Facts

Many people in London don’t know what is laser hair removal or costs involving its application so that this section can be useful for them.

Not all people can have the same treatment. A fair-skinned person and a dark skin need different treatments because hair ones can be deep and thick.

Laser hair removal london does not completely eliminate hair which greatly reduces but internal follicles are not completely affected and may have a sprouting later.

In London there are no authorities which regulate this type of procedures by which interested people should seek surgeons or beauticians with solid experience and long record of satisfied customers. The surgeon must have various types of laser to adapt them to the requirements of each particular case.

To save money you must learn first how many sessions will be needed for a satisfactory result. Generally a session is not enough, the average is two sessions and some people need up to twelve sessions. According to your case take the package that suits you.

If you plan to undergo a laser hair removal London, know that there are many types of lasers of different wavelength and that they imply different number of sessions.


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laser hair removal  London

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Best Laser Hair Removal London

If you are looking for best laser hair removal London, first understand that you cannot trust anyone and a little research to choose the most appropriate clinic or surgeon is needed. Check that the clinic is registered with the appropriate agency, this will guarantee you a professional and responsible treatment.

In London there are numerous surgeon and clinics offering laser hair removal services, check that both have extensive experience in laser hair removal and its reputation is good.

It is likely that more expensive services are also the best. Investigate and decide

Laser Hair Removal London Prices

Laser hair removal prices will vary according to different factors, surgeon, clinic, sessions required, part of the body to be removed etc. Just to compare, in United States American Society of plastic surgeons considered the average price of a single treatment at $429.00

In the case of laser hair removal London costs varies equally taking into account these variables.

The following is a reference list of laser hair removal costs in London. Depending on the clinic or surgeon these prices may be higher or lower. The prices refer to simple treatment and you should consider that up to 8 sessions are necessary for optimum results.

Simple treatment:

Hairline £65

Test patch £20

Full beard £ 65

Upper eyebrows £45

Upper lip, chin or sideburns £65

Front or back of neck £90

Full face £180

Upper or lower arms £110

Full arms £200

Under arms £90

Upper legs £180

Lower legs £180

Chest £130

Full legs and feet £270

Chest and abdomen £220

Full back £220

Full pubic £130

Bikini line £90

Shoulders £110

Buttocks £130

Hands and fingers £65

Nipples £65

Abdomen £130

Belly button to bikini line £65

Laser Hair Removal Risk

If you submit to laser hair removal, it is possible to have some side effects such as redness of the skin, swelling, skin irritation, temporary discomfort, which usually disappear after several hours.

The skin can temporarily change color, lighter or darker; on rare occasions they can result in scars or blisters on the skin so it is not advisable to apply laser eyelid or surroundings.

There are less risk in Pale skins.

If you have received isotretinoin for acne treatment consult your physician first, there may be some danger, also if it is sensitive to light or have an infection.

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