Meet the woman sharing her amazing 14 stone weight loss on social media – and taking on the trolls


25 MAY 2016 • 11:22AM

‘Week 88 update: From 169kg (372 pounds) to 77kg (169 pounds) – a total loss of 92kg (202 pounds).’

Meet Simone Anderson, the 25-year-old from New Zealand, who’s taken the internet by storm by documenting her weight loss.

Anderson, who started recording her body transformation onInstagram and Facebook ‘for her benefit’ in 2014, has lost more than 14 stone (88 kilos) in two years.

She made the decision to radically change her lifestyle after having gastric sleeve surgery, which reduces the stomach to around 15 per cent of its original size. After the operation, she adopted a healthier diet and a new exercise regime, in a bid to lose weight and get fit.

On her account, called ‘Journey to Health’, Anderson writes: ‘I began my journey on August 29, 2014 then had Gastric Sleeve Surgery on October 29, 2014 – I have completely changed my lifestyle, diet and exercise.’ Read FULL article…


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