Nioxin Reviews – Are Nioxin Reviews Honest?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In these times are very popular on the Internet the famous “reviews” or criticism or comments about certain subject or product. It is a form of marketing that is indirectly promoting the sale of a product through a comment about the product and get a commission or payment if a sale is achieved. There is an economic interest in these comments, but there are also reviews only for information purposes. For people who suffer from hair loss and have interest in Nioxin, these reviews are important.

Therefore we asked the Nioxin reviews are completely honest or are all interested?  Read different reviews and judge you.

Nioxin Reviews But what is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a product for the care of hair that is sold for more than 20 years and is composed of a series of products, which do not actually stimulate hair growth but increase the health of your hair and enhance its thickness, texture, and appearance; the product is basically formulated to bring aid to people with thin hair. In many nioxin reviews we find the different ingredients in nioxin .

Nioxin contains two basic ingredients and additionally enzymes, biological substances and vitamins.

4% of the total product is the active ingredient Ensulizole which is really a sunscreen to maintain healthy hair.

The other main active product is the Sulisobenzone 1.6%. In addition to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, nioxin includes vitamins B3, B5, B9, B6, B1, B12, especially to compensate B-complex vitamins

Also contains Q10 an antioxidant to improve the immune system and  to synthesize fat and  Pantothenic acid to generate proteins for cell division.

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Nioxin Reviews-Shampoo Review

Nioxin, appears to be very effective to enrich and thicken the still existing hair because of the effect of its various components. One of its products is the shampoo. The majority of shampoos not clean thoroughly the root of the hair follicle, function complies fully with Nioxin shampoo which is very stimulating and promoting capillary circulation producing a mild redness at the beginning. With continued use, this slight discomfort disappears. Shampoo helps to thicken and make healthy fine hair but the results are not immediate, can be seen from three months of daily use. Who uses this shampoo for the first time may notice more hair fall into the first wash, because shampoo remove hair stuck or entangled, but this should no alarm because the fall no continues in the next wash.

Does Nioxin Work For Hair Loss?

According to the manufacturer, Nioxin is a hair treatment that reduces hair breakage, makes the hair more dense, render the texture of the hair, strengthens the cuticle and eliminates excess fat from the scalp and that more than 70% of their users have been thicker hair in just 4 weeks.

Many nioxin reviews completed its articles with similar conclusions and it is not very easy to find legitimate nioxin reviews

Nioxin products, actually a set of 8 products are popular because of intense marketing campaigns that even offer commissions to salons and hairdressers. Nioxin in general seems to work better in women and not men whose leading cause of hair loss is the excess production of DHT hormone and the only proven ingredient used in a shampoo that blocks the production of DHT is “ketoconazole” and this ingredient is not present in Nioxin. But there are numerous testimonies of women on efficacy of nioxin to combat certain types of female hair loss, especially those related to hormonal imbalances.

It is possible that nioxin help female hair growth if the cause is not androgenic. In any case always check with your doctor before going on the advice of different nioxin reviews to eyes closed. What seems certain is that nioxin will have a better effect on your hair  that regular shampoos  and you will notice more dense and healthy hair over several weeks.

Nioxin reviews side effects
As in most hair care products, there are certain side effects using Nioxin, but these are minor and quickly overcome. Some people may be sensitive or allergic to some of the substances that make Nioxin, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl  which are powerful detergents that can irritate the scalp

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