Want to lose weight? Buy SMALLER plates! Simple step really CAN help you shed pounds by ‘slashing 159 calories a day’, landmark study reveals

  • Cochrane review found smaller plates slash calorie intake by a tenth
  • Most conclusive evidence that people eat more if they have a big portion
  • Reducing size of plate or bowl reduces food intake by 159 calories a day
  • If food packaging is also made smaller could slash calorie intake by 16%

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If you find yourself piling on the pounds, try buying a new set of crockery.
For the simple step of eating from a smaller plate could slash your calorie intake by nearly a tenth, according to Cambridge academics.

Their 387-page report into eating habits Read the rest

Simple steps to prevent premature ageing

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Thanks to daily stressful lives, sun-damage, lack of proper nutrition and indulging excessively in processed and fast food, our skin, the largest organ in our body, is slowly giving up. 

Women in their late 20s and early 30s are already beginning to show signs of ageing. Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent it…

– Eat the correct foods Cells in your body and skin regenerate daily — however, without healthy food that is not possible. Eat fresh and non-processed food to encourage your skin to renew itself. Similarly, you skin also needs water to Read the rest

Baldness cure comes at a price

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The latest “medical breakthrough”, a cure for the incurable baldness of alopecia that affects many people, including the TV presenter Gail Porter, appears – unusually – to be the real thing. Dr Raphael Clynes of Columbia University reported last week that several months’ treatment with the immune suppressant ruxolitinib resulted in “complete hair regrowth” in three patients. Still, his prediction that this is likely to have a “dramatic positive effect” would seem improbable, given its annual price tag of £43,200.

The main reason that this new type of drug, from a group known as “biologics”, is … Read the rest

Seeking New Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Persistently researchers try to find new medical options to successfully treat hair loss in women, a condition that is increasing every day and that overwhelms many women.

If a woman suspects or notice hair loss, before resorting to any remedy for hair loss available on the market, see a doctor, which in this case is the dermatologist.

Hair loss in women can be a warning sign of more as thyroid disease or hormonal abnormality, which is why the dermatologist should get early and accurate diagnosis of hair loss.

Unlike in … Read the rest

Taking Care With Calcium Supplements


  1. I have been told that women should stop taking calciumsupplements after menopause, as there is a danger of heart attack and stroke. Is this true?
  2. “Several large, credible studies have reported a higher incidence of heart attacks in both men and women who take calcium supplements,” said Dr. Orli R. Etingin, director of the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Centerat NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.







In their mid-50s and older, who are at highest risk for cardiovascular events, and it is not clem by which calcium could Read the rest


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Jenny, a New York police officer, is concerned that her hair care routine, including straightening her naturally curly hair and wearing it pulled back every day for work, may be causing her receding hairline. She says she is very embarrassed by her thinning hair and has begun wearing hats often to hide her condition. She reached out to The Doctors for help regaining her full, luscious locks … and her confidence.






The Doctors send her to hair loss expert and stylist Shann Christen, who examines Jenny’s scalp Read the rest

The best shampoo advice!

Source: http://www.wimpoleclinic.com/the-best-shampoo-advice/

There are myriad shampoos and conditioner brands on the market, all proclaiming benefits for the hair and scalp – but many do not live up to expectation. It may explain the frequency with which many of us change the products that we purchase as they fail to produce the healthy, long, thicker hair that we desire. The key is to use treatments proven to promote healthy hair growth.

The Wimpole Clinic does not have an expansive range for exactly that reason; we have selected only those products able to provide the two key ingredients your hair needs.

To … Read the rest

Hairloss Cure: What Is The Best?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In the subsequent article about hair loss treatment, you are going to locate the most effective alternatives for hair decline solution. Some are superior that Other individuals, and all will never provide the exact same outcome, since the organisms also answer in a different way. Pick the procedure for hair loss that suits your certain scenario.

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Dealing with hair loss

Source: http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_health_features_details.asp?health_feature_id=354&article_id=1117&channel_id=8&relation_id=1297

The scientific term for hair loss is alopecia. At different stages in your life, you can experience periodic hair loss, which is normal. For example, babies and pregnant women go through a period where they experience thinning of the hair, due to a change or imbalance in hormones. After this imbalance is resolved, their hair will naturally grow back.

Men and women also lose hair or experience hair thinning as they age, which may be related to the levels of testosterone. This male hormone tends to increase in women after menopause. And male pattern baldness, which can … Read the rest

Bamboo Hair Products Favorable and Critical Reviews

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

As people are all different and all hair types are different and care will vary according to their nature. Especially, women are concerned about the appearance of their hair and will do everything possible to care for and beautify. To help this goal many manufacturers around the world offer all kinds of products, from lotions, creams, moisturizers until the inevitable classic shampoo. Bamboo Hair Products is one and has many followers and detractors.

On the other hand, if your hair is healthy your care regimen will be less rigorous and how do you know the … Read the rest