Peanuts May Be Good for Your Heart

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 Eating peanuts may lower the risk for cardiovascular disease and death, a large study suggests.

Consumption of peanuts and tree nuts has been linked to lower mortality, but mainly in studies conducted among people of European descent and high socioeconomic status. This new report, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, is a prospective study of 71,764 black and white Americans, primarily of lower socioeconomic status, and 134,265 men and women living in Shanghai. They consumed some tree nuts, but primarily peanuts, which strictly speaking are legumes, not nuts. Read full article…




The researchers used well-validated food frequency questionnaires to gather information on nut consumption. After following participants for as long as 12 years, and after controlling for more than two dozen other health variables, they found that compared with those in the lowest one-fifth for nut consumption, those in the highest one-fifth had a 21 percent lower risk of death in the American study and a 17 percent lower risk in the Chinese analysis.

There was a similar association for ischemic heart disease in all ethnicities, but the association of nuts with a lower risk for stroke was significant only in Asians.

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