Peruvian Journalist Invents A Super Wine

A wine from grapes capable of shooting the immune system, giving energy and vitality, eliminate small tumors, improve the sleep, relieve gastritis, flus and colds, beautify skin and hair, and probably retard aging, reduce risk of heart attacks and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, has been invented in Peru.

Even though will be necessary. studies more diligent and extensive to verify these and other properties, the inventor has proven personally and in your family many healing and beneficial health properties in general

The healthy properties of red wine, due to its content of polyphenols have been demonstrated widely, especially in the field of prevention of heart attacks for its ability to relax the arteries, improve circulation and reduce bad cholesterol. Recently a studio of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago argues that the consumption of red wine reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia and improves cognocitiva capacity.


My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines, I am Peruvian journalist specializing in Natural Health and I have created several natural products for various health needs

I am the founder of “The Miracle of” and to realize my dream of helping my people of  “San Juan de Yanac” located between high mountains, fresh air and blue sky, in Cajamarca, Peru, I try to sell my products by Internet.

My first books are: “Hair Loss Natural Solution” to stop hair loss in about two weeks and “Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe” where I reveal the secret of many latinos to lose weight natural and healthily using a really unusual food.

In relation to my invention, my “super wine” is a powerful concentrate of polyphenols, many healthy acids and powerful anti-oxidants such as proantocyanidins and resveratrol

The preparation is very easy and the raw material abundant and cheap. It is not necessary produce wine, only have to buy it and enrich it at will.

I intend to register my “super wine” and to do so I am looking for people, companies or producers of wine able to patent and produce it on a large scale.

Luis Quiroz Ravines


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