Prevention Is the Best Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment

By PC. Luis Quiroz R.

Men and women above 35 years usually are constantly struggling against baldness and hair loss, sometimes prematurely. Hair loss can be devastating, especially for women, and different aspects of life are affected by a seemingly cosmetic problem. Only in the U.S. at some level affects more than two-thirds of Americans. Over 35. 95% of baldness in men is called male pattern baldness.

best hair loss treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment, Prevention

Every day patients seek the best treatment for hair loss, but every day are also more interested in the prevention and publicize the adverse effects that may have long-term use of medications such as Propecia and Advodart and similar products for loss hair.

Best Hair Loss Treatment , Unwanted effects

It is likely that men talk more than the positive effects of these products and fewer unwanted effects like sexual dysfunction or increase in breast tissue.For example, the hormone DHT is a hormone naturally produced by the body in higher levels in men than in women and has a role in hair loss.

To reduce hair loss, several drugs block the production of this hormone, but this lock will have adverse effects, including depression, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, reduced semen production, abnormal PSA, including expansion breast tissue.

When artificially altered hormone production this not only alters the regular cycle of hair growth, but also affects different organs. Even though there is a risk that these drugs are abandoned, persiten side effects to some degree.

Best Hair Loss Treatment , Natural Treatments

So if you are concerned in combating hair loss and male pattern concerned about the side effects of the medicines you are using in your battle against hair loss, you can resort to natural measures to prevent that problem.

Avoid alcohol and smoking can prevent the growth of healthy hair. It also helps the growth of hair an adequate intake of nutrients and vitamins, especially B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, vitamin A, healthy fats, vitamin A, turmeric and water.

It has been shown that curcumin blocks an element that has an effect on hair loss and is already appearing in some shampoos, can be ingested as a food supplement.

Use organic shampoos free of sulfates that are harmful to the hair follicle. If you can install a filter on the shower head to remove heavy metals that affect the quality of the hair.

And a good scalp circulation is imperative to help maximize blood flow to the hair follicle, a vigorous massage the scalp while showering is advisable, even I could use acupuncture to improve blood flow.

If these natural methods fail and notes that the use of products for hair loss are useful to you, use them, but ask your doctor to monitor your hormone levels and thyroid. Make sure you are not anemic and has no autoimmune disease.

Regularly check your estrogen, testosterone, DHEA and DHT. This monitoring is critical to ensure maximum benefit to your best hair loss treatment  with minimal risk of side effects.

Finally, if you lose your hair, you have to accept and live fully.

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