Programs deliver success for overweight, diabetic patients


Participants in a VA program lost weight and kept it off. Patients with diabetes were even more likely to take part.

Large health system programs can help obese and overweight patients — especially those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes — make lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier existence, a study shows.

Researchers combed through data from more than 400,000 people who have participated in the VA Health Care System’s MOVE! program since 2005. MOVE! — short for Managing Overweight and/or Obesity for Veterans Everywhere — is a national program available to veterans, helping them to lose weight and keep it off through wise eating choices and physical activity.

The data showed that the 145,686 participants who were still checking in with the program after three years lost 1.3% of their weight. Their mean body mass index levels decreased to 35.8, down from 36.3, according to the findings, presented at the American Diabetes Assn. meeting in Chicago in June.

Results were even better for the 8.7% of veterans who were more active in the program. Those who attended at least eight sessions during a six-month period and had at least 129 days between their first and last session lost 2.7% of their weight. Researchers found that veterans with diabetes were more likely to actively participate than veterans without diabetes (9.6% versus 7.8%). Read full article…

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