Receding Hairline Treatment- Is There a Remedy?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Many people are looking for a receding hairline treatment to restore or stop the progression of hair loss. There are various options and procedures that patients can go, men and women affected by this problem. Generally men who suffer from male pattern baldness follows a pattern of hair loss that starts with the gradual decline of the hairline originating thinner and shorter hair. This condition affects mostly males but also can affect women of any age. In the following lines we will try to to review this problem.

Receding Hairline Treatment – Prevention

Hair loss affects most men at some point in their lives, the most common condition is male pattern baldness which is genetic and hereditary. If almost hair loss is unavoidable it is best to prevent it, and prevention should begin as early as possible. Fortunately, there are several options for coping with pattern baldness but the key is to start a prevention program just observe the first signs of hair loss, and of course the first step is to visit the dermatologist which probably will notice your hair or scalp through a ProScope connected to a computer. The doctor will make the diagnosis and will tell you if your condition is treatable and can immediately start a receding hairline treatment

Receding Hairline Treatment Best Products

If it’s been a long time (years) and the areas were not treated promptly it is possible the area is dead and is only appropriate hair transplant. If this is not the case and you are looking for a receding hairline treatment consult your physician or try the following:

Daily apply minoxidil high concentration, at 12.5%, preferably in the form of cream and add azalei acid to block production of DHT hormone androgen, main cause of hair loss and hair miniaturization. Apply directly with the hand to the affected area. Minoxidil is market with the names of Avacor, Rogaine and Mintop and was the  first remedy approved by the FDA for treatment of hair loss. Also consume Propecia tablets that combined with minoxidil has shown good results in many patients. Also orally might consume finasteride, a drug approved by the FDA inhibitor of 5 – AR. In parallel, you can use a LaserComb. In any case this recommendation is only for information purposes and is not intended to replace the advice of your physician.

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receding hairline treatment

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Surgery as Receding Hairline Treatment?

The decision to choose surgery as a receding hairline treatment is difficult not only for the high cost, but basically for the choice of a competent and trained surgeon. Transplant surgery is a great choice if you put the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon. Many women and men have achieved remarkable success with transplantation surgery to solve the problem of receding hairline. But you have to consider that even if you achieved your goal of a good hair restoration, you may require subsequent surgeries to your hair continue slimming. Especially in young people, the future of baldness cannot be predicted and the provision of donor hair is limited

Natural Receding Hairline Treatment

To improve blood flow to the follicles of the scalp, you can consider using home remedies as a complementary treatment to conventional remedies. The most appropriate way is to apply massage the affected area with essential oils of rosemary, lavender, thyme and cedar-wood. You can also apply a mixture of lemon oil and castor oil by combining 1 tablespoon of lemon oil and 8 tablespoons of castor oil. Mix well and put a small amount in your hands and apply massage for two minutes to the scalp. Remove after 15 minutes with a good shampoo.

Another natural receding hairline treatment can be applied daily a lotion prepared at home that has been shown to stop hair fall within a few days. Find information at:

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