Revealed, the top 10 nutrients YOU may be lacking – and how the deficiency could be making you ill



  • Poor diet may be to blame for symptomslike weak muscles and tiredness 
  • Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains which nutrients many of us lack
  • Common deficiencies include iron, omega-3, iodine and magnesium 


For those of us who live busy lives it’s easy to just grab a coffee on our way to work, a bagel in our lunch break and an unhealthy dinner on the way home. 
But how does lack of variation in your diet affect your health?
A poor diet can lead to a range of nutritional deficiencies – which present themselves in various ways. 

If you’re bothered by tiredness and muscle soreness, for example, you may need to eat more dark green vegetables, oily fish and wholegrains.
This is because your body is likely to be low in magnesium.

Here, registered nutritionist Rob Hobson investigates the nation’s diet, and reveals what many of us may be lacking…

When we talk about how the food we eat affects our health, the priority tends to focus on weight.

This often includes limiting the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat that goes into our mouths.

But how do we fare when it comes to getting enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals essential to keeping our bodies working in tip-top condition?

Research findings from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey have shown that, on the whole, most of us manage to achieve the recommended daily intakes of micronutrients.

Surprisingly, even those with less than perfect diets can still meet these guidelines, especially as many of the foods we eat are fortified either by law or commercial means.  Read full article…


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