Schwarzkopf Products For Hair Care

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

“The Dye, Drug and Perfumery Store” was the name of a small drugstore in Berlin founded over 111 years ago by the German chemist Hans Schwarzkopf. In 1949 the company launched its first shampoo called ” Schauma shampoo ” which became the more popular shampoo in Germany. Currently, Schwarzkopf, is one of the world leaders in the cosmetic market and in 1985 was acquired by the German giant Henkel and is one of its strongest divisions.  Schwarzkoph  means “black head” in German. Schwarzkopf Products includes a wide range of categories ranging from hair dyes to hair care and styling. The firm permanently research and now owns more than 7,600 patents.

Schwarzkopf Products Related brands

Schwarzkopf has diversified with numerous brands aimed at different needs and cosmetic market segments. Some major brands are:

IGORA with over 50 years in the market of color
ESSENSITY dyes line ammonia free oil
BLODME aimed at blonde hair market
SEAH products with different textures and ingredients
[3D ] MENSION manufactures products designed 100 % for men
OSIS unique formulations for personal care
SILHUETTE products with ingredients of the highest quality
SUPREME KERATIN formulas to restore damaged hair
STYLING STRAI dual solution formulas for straightening hair.


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Schwarzkopf Products Some Referential Prices

* Schwarzkopf BC Smooth Shine Shampoo
$ 18.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf Extra Care Leave In Treatment 200ml
$ 5.79 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Styling Treat Smoothing Fluid 100ml
$ 16.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Styling Treat Styling Emulsion 200ml
$ 16.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf Osis + Design Mix Smooth Smoothing Cream 100ml
$ 28.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Aloe Essence Sensitive Soothe Treatment
$ 29.95 + Shipping

Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle * Shampoo ( For All Hair Types) 1250ml
$ 61.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Shampoo ( For Normal to Dry Hair) 1250ml
$ 51.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Aloe Essence Sensitive Soothe Mild Shampoo ( For    Sensitive Scalps ) 1000ml
$ 58.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf Osis + Gelastic Texture Ultra Strong Flex Gel (Ultra Strong Control) 150ml
$ 16.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Treatment (For Damaged Hair) 200ml
$ 24.95 + Shipping

Schwarzkopf BC Color * Thermo -Protect Cream Freeze ( For Colour- Treated Hair) 125ml
$ 21.95 + Shipping

Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Conditioner (For Damaged Hair) 1000ml
$ 44.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf Osis + Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum Sleek (Strong Control) 200ml
$ 21.95 + Shipping

* Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Conditioner (For Damaged Hair) 200ml
$ 17.95 + Shipping

Buy Schwarzkopf Products Online
From the comfort of your home you can purchase Schwarzkopf products placing your order online. Some providers from different countries :


Schwarzkopf Products and HAIRDRESSING AWARDS

Schwarzkopf organizes an annual global competition of hairdressers
that includes the most qualified professionals in the cosmetic world

The first event was organized in England and is now held in 14 countries. Participants are presented in different categories and the highest honor is to be proclaimed ” The hairdresser of the Year” title which confers fame and unlimited opportunities in the world of cosmetics and personal care.

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