Seeking New Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Persistently researchers try to find new medical options to successfully treat hair loss in women, a condition that is increasing every day and that overwhelms many women.

If a woman suspects or notice hair loss, before resorting to any remedy for hair loss available on the market, see a doctor, which in this case is the dermatologist.

Hair loss in women can be a warning sign of more as thyroid disease or hormonal abnormality, which is why the dermatologist should get early and accurate diagnosis of hair loss.

Unlike in the past, that women suffered in silence the disease and tried to conceal it at all costs, now more often women come to the clinic seeking treatment for hair loss effectively, and this is important because the more the disease is diagnosed early best.

Dr. Mary Mercurio, a dermatologist at the University of Rochester in New York, said there are few options available for the various forms of hair loss in women

He noted that the most common and easy to treat hair loss is female pattern, known as androgenetic alopecia which has a strong genetic component and that the earlier it start the more severe the hair loss, you can start even in adolescence he said

Hair Loss In Women Treatments

To treat this type of hair loss female pattern, the only drug approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, the United States is 2% Minoxidil can be applied in liquid or foam. Using Minoxidil 5% is allowed only to men and although this dose of 5% has been used successfully in women, its use is limited by undesirable side effects such as increased facial hair in women.


hair loss in women

By Evgeni Dinev,-

This medication should be used at least four months with two daily applications.

Hair Loss In Women- Alopecia Scar

Another form of hair loss is called alopecia scar, which is characterized by the formation of scar on the scalp where the hair follicle is destroyed. It comes in the form of scattered patches of hair loss associated with irritation and redness of the scalp. The cause may be an inflammatory skin disease or an autoimmune disease like lupus.

In relation to this type of hair loss in women , Dr. Mercury, said unfortunately this type of disease there is no possibility that the hair grows back again, the important thing here, he said, is to make an early diagnosis to prevent further hair loss

In this case, if the disease is severe, treatment for hair loss can be  the surgical transplantation, which involves taking healthy hair from areas of the head, especially the neck and transplanted to the affected areas, this solution can be very effective and natural-looking results, permanent. The transplant must be made by a dermatologist with good experience.

Hair loss in women is a painful reality for many women, especially young, so researchers continue to search for new treatments for hair loss, the use of lasers and other new therapies, even experimental, open a door hope this female problem.

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